The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

  • Overall, more exciting than its predecessor (which was one of the worst movies I've seen in theaters)
  • The lead character is a badass and carries the movie himself
  • I enjoyed the few 'rules' of the purge, aka the classification of weapons people are allowed to use
  • Some very interesting 'purgers' and gangs, especially those with scary masks
  • The 2nd act, when the purge is full-fledged is exciting and somewhat unpredictable, in a good way
  • The semi-trucks are intimidating, to say the least, probably the most interesting aspect of the movie
  • Interesting 'sniper aspect' ....though underutilized

  • The main problem is the writers force completely 1 dimensional characters down our throats
  • The daughter character is extremely annoying (no surprise here)
  • The thrills come and go
  • Shaky-Cam is so overused it completely ruins most scenes & the movie itself, spotty camera work is the worst
  • Very dark lighting, hard to see many scenes
  • The 'anti-purge' revolution is very rushed and thrown in, basically it's just flat out lame
  • Would people really wait for the purge to start and then completely stop the moment the purge ends?
  • There is a 'family gathering' scene that seems extremely out of place

Score: 4/10

While it is certainly better than the first Purge, the second one has plenty of faults to make it very forgettable. Extremely weak characters, whom we couldn't care less about, are the main focus of the film and that's its problem. The studios have yet to harness the true power of having an actual 'purge' and displaying pure chaos and mayhem. The movie then of course falls into familiar territory with the whole rich people paying to murder the less fortunate, trying to throw in some social commentary and it falls flat. And then the movie falls back, on the whole, family relationship issues, that conveniently moves the plot along. Another random scene is thrown in the get the characters out of a safe place and back in transition.

The movie is basically a bunch of random ideas thrown together to make the movie look interesting and hectic, but that's its downfall, it's too all over the place for it's own good. There are not enough ideas that actually work and are focused enough the be thrilling. Anarchy is one of the worst 'horror' movies of the year but still somehow better than the original film.

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