Boyhood (2014)

  • The movie was filmed over an 11 year period, 2002-2013, about a coming of age boy, it's brilliant
  • The movie touches on current trends in certain years and its brilliant (Harry Potter craze, Wii, Halo 2, etc)
  • Dragonball Z makes a very short, but welcome appearance
  • The second half of the movie is where it truly shines, once he hits his older ages
  • Obama/Biden craze and the fathers obsession with it is funny
  • Will Ferrell's short, 'The Landlord' is an added bonus
  •  The dialogue between the kids interacting and verbally attacking/harassing one another is dead on unfortunately
  • Also, the movie doesn't normally tell you straightforward what year it is, but if you pay attention to the trends, you'll be able to piece it together
  • Fantastic soundtrack, some solid song choices (though they are only used in the 1st half of the movie)
  • The movie really has something to say about our choices and future of the unknown, and finding your own path
  • Some very sad and emotional scenes between the children and their second father
  • Not only does the movie give the perspective of the boy growing up, but it also heavily includes his two parents going through changes

  • The main problem with the movie is that it's going to be pretty hit or miss with people on an emotional unfortunately was a hit for me and hard to draw a connection with the lead character at times
  • Some of the stories seemed a bit forced or melodramatic (2 alcoholic related divorces back to back, constant moving, etc)
  • Ellar Coltrane, who plays the title character, is not the greatest actor, it's painfully obvious in certain scenes
  • A point in the movie where literally all the male kids only wear zip up hoodies for years on end, I felt that was odd
  • More of a one time watch than anything else......but then again, that might be all it takes to get its message across

Score: 7/10

Though Boyhood didn't strike a note with me personally, it's sure to hit other people more emotionally and personally. At times, I did find myself recollecting my old childhood experiences and memories, but other times the movie felt melodramatic and over the top emotionally. Though one cannot argue it is a mini-masterpiece of a movie, filmed over 11 years of the same boys life and put together (over 12 years) almost seamlessly, there is nothing quite like it. It's a journey through life and follows how we handle the choices we can make during times, and also those which we have no control over. The movie is great, but it didn't 'change my life' like some other critics have been praising it for. This is the type of movie that I admire far more than I actually enjoyed, after all, it is an impressive technical feat! Boyhood is sure to be one of the leading movies at the Academy Awards this year, and rightfully so!

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  1. You and I are in the same boat on this one. It didn't ever strike an emotional chord with me, but it was a strong message nonetheless.

    I think that some critics are too blown away by the 12-year filming period aspect to really analyze the film deeper. If it weren't for the fact that its the same actors over 12 years, would Boyhood really be all that special? I also agree that Coltrane, particularly in his "middle school years" is not the best actor.

    All in all, its a fantastic film with an awesome technique that I would never really need to see more than once. Certainly not my favorite movie of the year...probably not even in my Top 10

    1. Totally agree, outside of the film, the movie didn't do a whole lot for me. Definitely would be interesting to see what critics would think if it weren't for the 12 years of filming aspect. 'Nebraska' which came out last year, I think has a greater emotional level than this (between a middle aged son and his aging father).

      But its funny you said his middle school years, because that is definitely what I was talking about! His younger years and older years were not all that bad, but those middle school years was like he was straight up reading lines from a piece of paper. Glad you noticed that too!

      Yeah I would MAYBE be in my top 10 near the high end of the list. The emotions were just too short lived to have a strong impact (maybe that was part of the point though?).


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