Children of Men (2006)

  • One of the best dystopian movies of the past 25 years, head and shoulders above The Hunger Games!
  • The movie doesn't highlight advances in science or technology, but rather shows society collapsing and the power struggle between the people and only remaining government
  • On just about every top critics, 15 best Sci-Fi movies of the decade (which is accurate, it certainly deserves a spot on the list)
  • Heartbreaking to watch the country be a military state (completely mercy)
  • Brilliant plot: Its been 18 years since the last human was born, woman can no longer conceive children, the World has fallen apart....and the youngest male has just been murdered
  • The movie slowly builds to a wonderful 3rd act, it only gets stronger from the moment it starts
  • Cuaron does an amazing job at the helm (went on to win Best Director for Gravity)
  • The gravity of the situation really hits home when they walk out of the building with the newborn, such a powerful moment that silences both sides of the fighting
  • Constant use of long shot scenes makes the movie so much more exciting, it's stunning to watch certain scenes unfold in one single take
  • Some of the battle scenes look so real and intense, far superior to many movies made today that take place during an actual war
  • Theo is unquestionably a metaphor for Noah from The Bible, animals love him and follow him around, he has been chosen as the last hope of humanity, and their salvation lies in a boat
  • The movie was nominated for 'Best Cinematography' though it didn't win, it certainly deserved the nomination

  • The actress who plays Kee is the weak link in the acting department
  • Michael Caine's character as the hippie seems so out of place and over the top, that it takes you out of the moment, I couldn't stand him
  • Rebellion forces seem slightly underdeveloped, as well as their motives behind certain events
  • The beginning of the movie (when it's still finding its footing) takes a bit of time for the overall story to really have an impact.....but once it is established, it's fantastic
  • The movie focuses a tad too much time on the battles scenes compared to the potential impact the baby would have in the World as a whole

Score: 8/10

Though the movie might start out a tad rough, once it gets going the events that unfold are quite incredible! Children of Men starts off with some scarce exposition which takes away some depth, but as time goes by and you see what the world has become visually, the movie gets much more poignant and gripping. From a technical aspect the movie looks outstanding and breathtakingly real, it's the numerous long shot sequences that adds some flair to this gritty, realistic movie. Though the movie is light on the 'sci-fi elements' (basically a dystopian movie set in the near future), it's brilliant and effective story more than makeup for those missing touches. And if the story doesn't sound like your cup of tea, just know that the technical aspects of the movie more than make it worthy of watching, the cinematography really is exquisite!

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  1. Children of Men is a movie that I have always heard referenced as very good, but I have yet to actually watch it. I really need to do so soon.


    1. Yeah I had heard it was really good (on a lot of sci-fi lists) for some time now and never got around to it until now. Definitely a good movie with some amazing camera work, very bleak and realistic. I definitely recommend it, its almost more drama/war than typical sci-fi. I'm working on the best sci-fi movies of the 2000's and I think i'll be putting it on the list!


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