Death Proof (2007)

  • Stuntman Mike is a standout villain, from that awesome name to his terrifying car
  • Mike: "Well Pam....which way you going left or right? Pam: "Right" Mike: "Oh....that's too bad"
  • The movie's soundtrack is great, lots of old school tracks
  • The two featured cars are pure American muscle
  • The climax is fantastic, great car chase scenes, where all the action lives
  • Mike's reaction after being shot and pulling over is pure, comedy gold
  • Final standoff between the three ladies and Mike
  • First demonstration of the car being 'death proof'
  • The game they play, 'Ship's Mast', might be the craziest or stupidest thing a human can do
  • Interesting to see Stuntman Mike toy and be playful to his unsuspecting victims

  • Sadly, this is without a doubt Tarantino's worst movie to date
  • Tarantino is known for his dialogue, but in this, it comes off as a bunch of girls just blabbing and blabbing, on and on
  • No real standout heroine (unlike most of his other movies)
  • All the characters (outside of Mike) are drab and boring
  • Features a very simple story, with no real conclusion or end point in sight
  • Never really establishes any tension or suspense throughout the movie that has staying power
  • Quite a few scenes go on for too long, pacing is an issue in the movie

Score: 5/10

Unfortunately, Quentin Tarantino's magic didn't do a whole lot in this movie to make it worthwhile. Death Proof features plenty of dialogue (which Tarantino is known for), but instead of it being involving and tense (like most of his films), it's just boring filler. Most of those scenes are just a bunch of girls talking about nothing relevant and it certainly doesn't help the movie move along any quicker. But outside of some boring dialogue scenes, the action scenes certainly are entertaining and beautifully shot! Kurt Russell is fantastic as Stuntman Mike, he's got the cool vibe going for him, which is what makes the character work. Though Death Proof is the weaker of the two movies in Grindhouse, Stuntman Mike is the standout character of both movies, Kurt Russell kills it.

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