Eden Lake (2008)

  • Altogether, the movie has a very real and gritty feeling to it (which is what makes the movie stand out)
  • Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly do a fantastic job
  • 'That's black blood!'
  • Sort of like a modern day Deliverance in a sense, but instead of hillbillies, it's a group of kids
  • The group of kids come off as extremely menacing and completely crazy
  • Crazy torture scene, forcing everyone to get involved and partake 
  • Really gets you thinking about what you would do against someone threatening you, but who is at such a young age
  • A razor blade in the mouth would be the worst thing imaginable
  • Strong themes of peer pressure and group mentality, but it also speaks a bit about parenting and upbringing
  • The ending is chilling and memorable, 'Like father, like son'
  • The scenery looks nice and real, everything feels like it's on location and not in some Hollywood studio or green screen
  • 'They're just children, they're just children'
  • Probably the best aspect is about the movie is that it really gets you thinking about how you personally would react to the situations the main characters are in
  • Overall the movie is a brisk 90 minutes of solid British hoodie-horror (something they have been releasing a lot of recently)

  • Some people might have a problem with the fact that the couple is harassed by a group of 'teens'
  • The teens are constantly using harsh language, it gets to the point where it feels unnecessary
  • At times, the leader of the group comes off a bit too strong, would someone really want that kid as a friend? (that might be the point though)
  • Does she really not recognize the house that she walks into?

Score: 8/10

Eden Lake is a very effective tale of survival, with just the right amount of gore thrown in to make it something special. Though there are some very brutal moments, the movie mostly makes a strong statement about our societies increasingly out of control youths and child rearing. Eden Lake comes off as very raw and realistic, the way it was filmed makes it more brisk and intense (if that makes any sense). 

While the movie is very well put together, the acting, cinematography, and story are all damn fine, the high point of the film is that it really gets you thinking. What would you really do in that type of situation (before the point of no return of course)? Here, age is the key factor, none of the 'thugs' are over the age of 16, so how far SHOULD you go or how far WOULD you go, given their young age? They're clearly too young to actually fight/hit, but the way they keep pushing the main characters, is it justifiable? And, of course, once the kids take things way too far, then you obviously have to defend yourself and fight back. 

But like I said, the movie really got me thinking about the situation, which is fantastic for a movie to do such a thing. And that ending, there is a lot to say about it, but I won't give anything away here, but I certainly enjoyed it. Eden Lake is a very solid entry in the horror genre coming from the United Kingdom.
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