Hard Candy (2005)

  • One of the most effective, psychological thrillers I've ever seen in a very long time
  • A unique premise no doubt, a little girl who turns the table on a potential pedophile
  • Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page are outstanding
  • The close up camera work is super effective at creating and maintaining tension....the cinematography all around is fantastic
  • The movie could at times be described as a drama, but it's so engrossing and tense time just flies by
  • The movie moves along very quickly and wastes no time getting to the good stuff
  • Ellen Paige truly turns on the charm on in this movie, a role she was born the play
  • The castration scene.....
  • It really keeps you guessing throughout the movie as to how it will end, circumstances are constantly changing
  • The movie does exactly what it wants to do, it challenges the viewer
  • It will certainly leave you thinking how you would have handled the situation and the choices you would have taken
  • Watching her slowly pick apart his life, knowing every little detail about his life
  • "Well, 4 out of 5 doctors agree that I am actually insane".
  • The slow motion silhouette shot of them on the roof looks fantastic
  • This is pure 'edge of your seat' excitement

  • Some of the revealing details at the very end of the movie feel like a 'cheat', something that was just thrown in last minute for shock value
  • The ending could have had a stronger conclusion, something to really leave you speechless and shocked
  • There is no way in hell a 13-year-old girl could lift a man up and put him in a noose
  • Ellen Page's character comes off a tad too strong at times and has some scenes where she simply talks too much
  • There is no way she would have left no traces of fingerprints or DNA after 'going through every inch of this house'
  • At times, Jeff's history with the love of his life (Jenelle) is a bit confusing

Score: 8/10

Again, Hard Candy is another movie where it is hard to review without giving too much of the plot away and spoiling some of the surprises. The movie features only the two leads (Patrick Wilson & Ellen Page) for 95% of the movie as they battle one another and they couldn't have been any better! Acting aside, the story is super effective, a child tracking down a pedophile and dishing out her own justice, it's a dark and terrifying tale of vengeance. The movie is great at keeping you in the dark as to whether the main character is guilty or not, establishes sympathy for our tormented hero.

The only downside to the movie would have to be its final 5-6 minutes, where the movie relies heavily on the involvement of Jeff's love interest, Janelle, yet the whole storyline didn't seem to make a ton of sense. I just didn't like how Jeff's decision-making and actions were basically controlled by the outside character of Janelle whom we never truly meet. But other than those final minutes of the film, the 'Hard Candy' is one hell of a thrill ride that will surely get your heart pumping, that is if you can buy into it.

So if you are looking for something shocking and suspenseful, but without the violence and gore of today's horror movies, Hard Candy is definitely something you should consider!

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