Hide and Seek (2013)

  • The lead actor does a great job as the OCD father, definitely keeps the movie afloat
  • The opening scene is terrifying....it's fantastic!
  • Very interesting story, an exciting mystery with a bunch of creepy moments and most importantly, the movie never becomes predictable
  • Flashbacks are great at giving away revelations and plenty of background history
  • The pacing is great, whenever things seem to slow down, the director picks things right back up
  • The design/layout of the apartment building is beautiful, to say the least, it's gorgeous!
  • Some genuinely creepy scenes involving the masked assailant
  • The marking/labeling system on people's doors is devilishly creepy
  • Multiple twists and red herrings to keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat
  • It's on Netflix!

  • Normally I don't like movies involving the police too much, but this is one where they probably should have made a call or two to them
  • It's unfortunate, but the ending is where the movie has a few problems, it goes on a tad too long and has a bit too much exposure of the killer once their identity has been revealed
  • How did the kids have a keycard to open the door to the elevator at the end?
  • There is a very out of place (and confusing) scene involving a man locking himself in the car with the kids
  • Not sure what the meaning of his OCD symbolizes or if it goes somewhere conclusive

Score: 7/10

This is a hard movie to talk about without giving too much of the story away. Hide and Seek does a great job building up suspense and mystery, even if the finale is a bit overdone. Providing plenty of creepy set pieces, Hide and Seek is a good choice for someone seeking a solid mystery and a few good thrills. The story is quite unique once everything is thrown on the table and you piece together previous moments from the film. It is all very creepy and somewhat plausible which makes it ever more terrifying. Like I said above, the only real problem I had with the movie was that the ending over exposed the killer in the end and it dragged out the ending scene just a bit. But other than that, the movie is exciting, creepy, and never predictable, another above average movie coming out of South Korea though certainly far from the best.

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