LOTR: The Fellowship of The Ring (2001)

  • The extremely large acting ensemble, but they are each perfectly cast, they are the perfect group of companions
  • A movie truly worth the word 'epic', literally and figuratively
  • Nice to get to know the hobbits lifestyle before all that is turned into a lost memory
  • Legolas is one of the coolest movie characters of recent memory
  • CGI is used the least out of the three films, which makes it look more realistic in a sense
  • The Black Riders are surprisingly terrifying
  • Moria setting is haunting and dreadful, especially when Gandalf reads the final words of the slain dwarfs.....'they are coming'
  • The flashback scene of Sauron (who looks crazy badass) with the One Ring looks amazing and certainly intense
  • The small scale battles (compared to the latter 2 movies) are more realistic, grounded, and concentrated
  • Extremely sad ending and final battle.....the fellowship has been broken
  • Bittersweet rivalry between Legolas and Gimli (though it isn't until the sequels that the rivalry really shines)
  • Plenty of humor coming from the hobbits, completely oblivious to the seriousness of their task at hand
  • Peter Jackson displays a great sense of 'power' that comes from the One Ring, it's presented perfectly
  • Amazing score, instantly recognizable, one of the best scores of all time
  • Interesting to see the slow reveal of 'Middle Earth' and all the different inhabitants and scenery in their world
  • Voted the '#2 Fantasy Film of All Time' by the American Film Institute (AFI)

  • An odd scene involving Frodo and Galadriel seems out of place (not to mention the terrible CGI during the scene)

Score: 10/10

Peter Jackson has created a modern day masterpiece that will surely stand the test of time and be labeled one of the great fantasy movies of all time. He has created a world that feels very real and in it, he puts some  of the most authentic characters who makes the movie flourish. The use of practical effects is what makes the movie shine, the production design in the movie is perfect, everything looks authentic and magical, it's great to see him shy away from CGI when possible. The movie slowly reveals the diversity of Middle Earth and every new scene brings new wonders, it's astonishing to see the world unfold before our eyes.

Fellowship is also the most personal and heartfelt of the three, seeing the Fellowship weaken and fall apart as the movie is devastating. Though the battles and storyline are the smallest and least 'epic' when compared to the second and third movies, the emotional impact here is the greatest. This is why the movie is the best of the three, the stakes are high for the group of people we care about, we just get to meet them and already they are falling apart. The character interactions between the original Fellowship is the best aspect of the movie, together there are no more than nine characters, but they are given the greatest task of Middle Earth. Not to mention to great comedy bits that take place between the hobbits and the other members of the group (the later movies move away from the comedic tones).

The Lord of The Rings is easy one of the great trilogies of all time, they are all must-see movies! Fellowship>Return of the King>Two Towers.

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  1. Agreed, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is one of the best of all-time, and The Fellowship itself is my fourth favorite film of all-time. I have loved the film ever since seeing it in theaters a decade ago, and it is one of my favorites. I am not much of a book reader, but the books are just as good too. Great review!


    1. Yeah I would put the trilogy near the top for sure, and the 1st film near the top of my favorite movies of all time as well! Seeing those movies in theaters was an 'experience'! It was packed but everyone reacted the same, laughed, cringed, cheered, it was one of the few times I didn't mind a crowded theater! It was perfect!


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