Re-Animator (1985)

  • The movie just reeks of 80's nostalgia, which is fantastic and totally fitting for this type of movie (a type of movie you certainly would not see made in today's age)
  • Jeffery Combs completely embodies the mad scientist role, he is fantastic
  • Opening scene gives off the magic that is soon to come
  • Another short and sweet movie, only 86 minutes
  • A true Cult Classic, it's been put on many publications cult classic lists
  • The re-animated cat scene is darkly humorous
  • The movie makes good use of the common cliche, body following orders from the separated head
  • The special effects look phenomenal, very effective even by today's standards
  • The movie stays grounded and small, it doesn't try to go over the top with spreading ideas, it stays nice and local
  • Think 'Pet Cemetery', but made out as a comedy
  • Interesting to see the zombies be more than just a walking corpse, easily to dispose

  • Some of the acting can seem a bit stiff
  • An open mind is required for watching this movie, sort of like 'The Evil Dead'
  • Why was he not charged with murder in Switzerland after killing the professor in the opening scene?
  • Takes a long time before they actually reanimate a human 

Score: 8/10

Again, this is one of those campy, silly, black comedy, horror movies from the 1980's and it's fantastic. The movie isn't necessarily scary by any means, but it plays out like a wonderful short story with great visuals. The movie very quickly gets moving along to the excitement and action from the effects of the serum, rather than wasting time explaining the science behind the serum.