Wer (2013)

  • A very different entry in the werewolf genre, a more modern approach, which makes it very interesting
  • The design of the werewolf is perfect (which actually received some complaints and I'm not sure why), it's not over the top, full on wolf, but more half beast, half human
  • The pacing is good, starts off leaving more to the imagination before fully seeing what he is capable of
  • Finally a movie that actually uses the term WEREWOLF!
  • For being a low budget, independent film, the special effects look great (thankfully there are not too many scenes with CGI)
  • A corneal scrape seems like the worst medical procedure ever
  • First time seeing him in the chains and restraints is very menacing, the actor is perfectly cast
  • Jumping out of the window scene....
  • Anytime Talan is on screen, the movie shines....especially in his human form because he is so large and intimidating
  • One of the better werewolf movies of recent memory (nice to transition away from the zombie and vampire genre)

  • The worst aspect of the movie is the internal turmoil between the characters, it goes absolutely nowhere and serves no purpose
  • The movie is great right up until the final 'showdown', completely ruins the movie because it's a generic move on the writers part
  • Again, why did this need to be shot found footage style??
  • The opening scene is only decent and has a limited effect because it uses all of the found footage troupes, shaky cam and unexpected cutting in and out of images
  • I'm no lawyer, but bringing someone into custody based solely on his physical description makes zero sense and sounds illegal
  • The backstory between the cop and the family goes nowhere in the end, yet quite a bit of time is spent on that story, it just seems like it was thrown in there

Score: 7/10

Though it may look like there are far more cons than pros, I really enjoyed this movie quite a bit. Some of the backstories are weak and go nowhere, but there was always a solid amount of suspense and mystery at the heart of the movie. And the modern setting makes for a far more unique and entertaining story to unfold. The found footage style isn't all that bad (which I am typically almost always against), outside of the opening scene, Wer thankfully doesn't fall victim to much shaky cam or any other other lame effects from that style. Also, the 7/10 score is certainly on the generous side of the voting scale, it probably would be a bit more appropriate to give it a 6/10 based on certain story lines going nowhere. But good werewolf movies are a very tough thing to come by (especially when compared to zombies or vampire films) and this one deserves the attention it received.