You're Next (2011)

  • A nice shot in the arm for the 'home invasion' genre, sort of like an R-rated Home Alone
  • The main character turns out to be a survivalist and it's awesome! Basically it's a female John Rambo vs three killers
  • Couldn't ask for a better setting, a giant mansion set in the middle of the woods with one single neighbor (cliche maybe?
  • If you are looking for violence and gore, look no further, some very interesting death scenes
  • We have all thought about just running straight out the front door if someone was attacking us in our house.....this movie shows us why that could be a terrible idea (this is the highlight of the movie)
  • Some good bickering between siblings, but the movie could have used a bit more of this humor
  • The movie makes good use of slow motion, some sense totally would not have worked had they been shown in normal speed
  • Basically whenever Erin is on screen, the movie shines

  • The opening scene probably could have been a tad longer to really create something scary (kind of like how Scream did it)
  • The audio/volume for the DVD is all over the place, super quiet dialogue and then loud sound effects/music
  • The family tension and relationships seem extremely forced, typical horror movie trope, bickering family members
  • The acting outside of the female lead is sub-par and just plain awkward at times
  • A lot of shaky cam, especially during the turning point where the killers make their presence known
  • One of the killers listening to music during all of this......really?
  • Why on Earth would you leave the mom upstairs all alone? This is the most ridiculous moment in the movie
  • So clearly there is a killer in the house, upstairs ....yet no one seems to think of that until 15 minutes later?
  • They constantly break one of the main rules of horror movies....'Don't split up!'

Score: 7/10

If you can get past a terribly forced storyline (troubled family relations), then You're Next will surely be a fun, wild ride. The action scenes are very interesting and the character Erin shines, but the amount of illogical character choices are enough to make you shake your head. Perhaps if the movie featured a bit more comedy (because it clearly wants to be seen as a black comedy) it would have stood a bit taller. But putting the tame, bland characters and weak storyline aside, this is a pretty exciting movie with a few stand out horror scenes and a very strong female lead!

And when there is humor, it's pretty dang funny, but there isn't enough of it to really call this movie a black comedy. There are a bunch of ideas here, but they are blurred/buried by a terrible supporting cast and their characters who are completely unless. Who on Earth would leave their mom upstairs, ALONE, when there is a group of killers hunting you one by one? But the one saving grace in the movie is Erin, she is a one of a kind hero and carries the movie with her innovative ideas. That being said, Erin is a FAR better heroine in her horror movie, than Mia from Evil Dead.

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