Funny Games (1997)

  • The movie really provokes you as a viewer, which is always a good thing!
  • The breaking of the fourth wall is great, I loved every minute of that 
  • "What do you think? Do you think they have a chance at winning?"
  • Contradicting backstories keeps the intruders a mystery
  • I'll never look at someone 'borrowing eggs' the same way ever again 
  • I enjoy the way the director makes a statement about having all of the violence take place off the screen
  • Those might be the shortest shorts I have ever seen on a man (Fred)
  • The infamous (extremely tongue-in-cheek) 'rewind scene', taking away all the pleasure the viewer gets from the killing of a captor and providing a brief glimpse of satisfaction
  • Very bleak and abrupt ending (one of the most memorable)
  • In the end, the movie is one giant circle (figuratively) and it's devilishly creepy piecing together earlier moments from the movie to its final minutes
  • One of the best horror movies of the 1990s

  • The family is completely docile and's infuriating!
  • The father is a complete wimp, yes he got hit in the knee, but he could totally jump the fat kid when he is alone at the door
  • Why do they not scream for help at the beginning of being held hostage? Or try running?
  • I don't need to see violence or 'action' to be entertained, but the pacing in the movie was a bit too slow for my taste
  • How the hell are they trapped in the house once the two killers leave?
  • There are just too many scenes that to me seem like the family could fight back and overpower the boys, but they never do
  • Some scenes are given extended screen time for added emotional effect of what just happened to the characters, but I found them more boring than powerful
  • There certainly are some bizarre and thrilling moments here, but they are outweighed by slow moving scenes that never seem to end
  • This certainly is a one time watch, not because I now know the ending, but because there are too many slow moving scenes in the movie

Score: 7/10

Though the movie might be too slow most of the time, Funny Games packs a pretty strong and unusual punch! There are plenty of moments in the movie that will be sure to get you scream at the screen (not in a good way however, but out of pure frustration at the hopelessness of the family). The story isn't terribly unique (though at the time in 1997, it probably was), two intruders take a small family hostage and together they psychologically and physically torture them. That may seem all too familiar, but director Michael Haneke adds some very unusual flair, most notably the main villain breaking the fourth wall multiple times and speaking directly to the audience. Funny Games is a very unusual horror movie, and obviously mocks many horror tropes, but it certainly is interesting watching the events unfold. I can confidently say that Funny Games is one of the more interesting horror movies on the 1990s (though, as I commonly say, the 90s was the worst decade for horror movies)!

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