Honeymoon (2014)

  • Outside of 1% of the movie, the two lead actors are the only actors in the movie and they do a decent job in such an unusual film, but....
  • Once the wife disappears and reappears, the movie is extremely unnerving and tense
  • Some bizarre moments that show something clearly has changed with Bae (the wife)
  • A strong creepy vibe is established very well, plenty of unsound moments to keep your eyes on the screen
  • A hugely polarizing ending, on one side it sure is surprising and bizarre, on the other side it seems out of place
  • The movie features a pretty strong score, some eerie music giving depth to the tone of the movie
  • In the end, the 2nd act is by far the best of the three, hard to imagine a single person not engrossed by what the heck happened to his wife.......until you find out what happened

  • The first 3rd of the movie features the newlyweds celebrating their marriage, its comes off as over the top, too peppy, lovey-dovey, basically annoying (but that might just be newlyweds in general)
  • Rose Leslie (the wife) clearly struggles with trying to replicate an American accent
  • Once his alarm goes off on his phone, wouldn't he just be able to look out the windows and see its still pitch black out? Or check the actual time on his phone?
  • In general, the big reveal at the end of the movie completely ruins the ride
  • The husband has some very creepy/odd moments when he his is talking to his wife and showcasing his 'love' for her
  • Be prepared for a PLETHORA of unanswered questions......
  • You can't help but think that the writers wrote themselves into a corner at the end of the movie
  • The trailer makes the movie look so interesting.....

Score: 6/10

This was a movie that I really wanted to enjoy, but the ending just completely ruins the ride from those tense and creepy moments found earlier in the movie. It is hard to talk about the movie without giving anything away, especially the ending and all the nonsense and complications that come with it. It seems like the writers were developing the story quite well, but then when it was time for the big reveal/ending, they sadly went for shock effect. The ending is without question where the movie falls apart and just kills the vibe.......plain and simple. But outside of that final moments of the movie, the movie is quite effective, it really has some strong tension and unease. Oh and did I mention that the movie doesn't answer a single question?

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