The Drop (2014)

  • Tom Hardy gives a very strong performance (one of his very best) as the damaged guy who should not be messed with
  • The dog is adorable and clearly plays with the heart of the viewer (surprisingly a lot of the movie revolves around the dog and I'm perfectly okay with it)
  • There are so many 'background stories' hanging over our characters heads that it creates some added depth to the script (though they are brief in description, its still nice to have them there)
  • The ending revelation during the climax of the movie really is quite profound
  • A very strong supporting cast, Gandolfini & Repace being the big stars here
  • The cops take a back seat in this tale, which is great because there are far too many police procedural dramas on TV and in movies
  • "No one ever sees you coming, do they Bob?"
  • Though some of the story as stated below might seem a familiar, there is enough emotion present to make it worth your time
  • A very well placed surprise/revelation during the climax of the film!

  • Some cliche gangster genre tropes in a broad spectrum (girlfriends past boyfriend returns and makes trouble for our hero, aging gangster demanding respect, hero with a murky past, etc)
  • Some people have unfairly compared this to Killing Them Softly.........which was painfully slow (this movie moves at a quicker pace and has far stronger characters)
  • The ending was a bit too sentimental for my taste when compared to the tone of the rest of the movie
  • James Gandolfini's story line is left out for most of the film, yet the ending relies pretty heavy on his motives
  • The whole concept of 'the drop' takes the backseat, unfortunately, especially when compared to the girlfriend/dog storyline
  • (Even though I knew going into the movie it was going to be more drama than thriller) This movie's trailer makes it seem like a fast paced action thriller....that is not the case

Score: 7/10

The movie is more about character development and strong acting than a strong and enticing story. It feels like if this were based on a book, then the movie script jumped to the final 3-4 chapters and that's what it chose to portray. The story may be nothing to brag about, but the acting is great, Tom Hardy plays the quiet guy caught in the middle of the crime world who just wants to move on with his life. It may sound formulaic, it is, but there is enough tension here to make it worthwhile. The movie ties together a lot of storylines in the final minutes of the film and it really works quite well, everything really comes full circle. So if you are looking for a character-driven drama, with a solid amount of emotion and not a lot of action or violence, this is a very good pick! The Drop is one of the better hidden gems from this years film circuit, a very well done, low-key crime drama.

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