The Maze Runner (2014)

  • Has a LOST sort of vibe going for it (which is more or less a good thing!)
  • The main mysteries are very interesting, what is the point of the maze? What is beyond the maze? (Too bad much of the maze has already been solved)
  • The acting is not as bad as you would expect, nice to see the director/producer not throwing in A-list stars into the movie for added appeal
  • The maze itself looks great and really has that 'labyrinth' feeling to it (thankfully)

  • So many questions go unanswered it's infuriating (I'm going to list 'a few')
  • The movie focuses so much time on the group's internal conflicts (very dramatic) versus solving the maze and picking apart different aspects of it
  • Why does he need to be punished for killing a griever again? The punishment aspect makes no sense
  • Why is it a huge deal for him to become a runner in the first place? He's basically just doing what everyone else is afraid of
  • Why did the maze not ask for the number sequence the first time they get that far in the maze?
  • The character of Gally is a complete joke....his ideology just doesn't make any sense
  • Who was 'George' and why did he have a special grave?
  • Why was the girl sent and why would they stop sending kids into the maze if they are the future of humanity?
  • How does Gally find his way out of the maze if he isn't a runner?
  • Personally I would have liked a bit more actual maze running, than having the maze practically almost solved already
  • All the action takes place at night in the dark, plus add in some shaky cam, and you get scenes where you can hardly see any action
  • "Everything is going to change" is said at the end of the movie and I'm pretty sure that is a direct quote from 'The Hunger Games' movie......
  • It seems sort of like The Lord of the Flies but lacks the emotion found from the book (the kids in LOTF were younger, but emotion investment was so much higher)
  • If the Earth has been ruined by the Sun, how do they live with trees and a small ecosystem when they are directly under the sunlight?
  • So much bickering between characters and leadership battles, that the movie becomes downright boring
  • Just another dystopian movie based on a young-adult book, where kids are the saviors of humanity
  • The ending is absolutely ends like a TV episode and demands your return next year for the next 'episode'

Score: 4/10

Another dystopian movie with children being put through hell for 'the greater good'? No thank you. The movie raises far more questions than it answers and to make things worse, it demands you return for a sequel for 'potential' answers. Other notable movies like The Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter leave questions between films, BUT they don't start a million new questions in the closing minutes of the movie, they all had some sort of closure. Aside from all the unanswered questions, most of the excitement comes from the mystery of the maze, but it is unfortunately overshadowed by the annoying struggle between the inhabitants. The fact that the inhabitants are given a CHOICE to either run the maze or stay and live their lives trapped takes away any sense of urgency. They should be all trying to solve the maze and a way out, but instead they are docile, submissive characters, accepting defeat.

Characters in LOST and Lord of the Flies are FORCED to build a society because they have no other alternative, unlike The Maze Runner. Katniss in 'The Hunger Games' is FORCED to kill and survive, which makes the movie more tense and exciting, which yet again makes The Maze Runner feel less appealing. Characters in The Maze Runner have the ability to potentially solve their captivity, but they basically chose not to, where's the excitement in that?  In the end, the movie, unfortunately, solves the mystery of the maze (bittersweet in a sense) and now tells us that phase two has begun, which makes the entire movie now seem completely pointless. The driving force of the movie is the maze and now that that mystery has been solved, the future installments feel completely thin. The movie now turns into another young adult movie with a dystopian future where the key to revolution or survival lies in the hands of a bunch of kids.

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  1. The Maze Runner is a movie that I want to watch when it comes out to rent. I have a lot of positive and negatives reviews, so I am interested to see the movie. Good review!


    1. Yeah it starts off pretty interesting actually but then slowed down too much and left me with a zillion questions. Obviously I didn't read the book so that is part of the problem ha. Thanks James!

  2. this made the hunger games look good (or rather... watchable)

    seldom have I seen something as generic and boring as the maze runner (and in this case the film clearly hasn't been dumbed down from the book since I skimmed the plot descriptions of the sequels - the entire franchise is just boring and idiotic)

    1. Yeah The Hunger Games is head and shoulders better than this. I haven't read the books in this series or heard anything about the series actually, but I have ZERO interest in seeing the sequels. Just boring and generic like you said! Another YA book made into a movie with a dystopian back drop

  3. A lot of your questions are easily answered with knowledge of the book, but I guess that doesn't help the film any since it should be able to stand on its own! There is one thing explained in the film though: He isn't punished for killing a griever, it was for going into the maze in the first place. And sadly half those problems you mentioned were caused by changes from the book. I liked this movie, and consider myself a fan of the franchise, but it does have its problems. You might be surprised though, at where the next two films go -- provided they are adapted properly that is!

    Good review, and great blog! :)

    1. Yeah I think reading this book would have helped, I've had friends explain things about the Hunger Games to me from the books, but no one I know has read this to help fill me in. I was really interested in the maze itself, but the characters were pretty rough to me, as with their decisions! Hopefully like you said they stick to the original material better. Thanks for the compliments again!


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