Annabelle (2014)

  • The Annabelle doll is without a doubt one of the scariest dolls ever created 
  • Some decent scares (though they are almost all jump scares)
  • The storage room scene is the highlight of the film
  • Thankfully we actually get to see 'the demon' possessing the doll (very briefly)

  • Clearly riding the coat tails of The Conjuring (there are so many call backs, Annabelle goes from paying homage to flat out replicating ideas)
  • The lead actress is awful, which makes the movie as a whole feel terrible, because she is front and center for 95% of the film
  • The movie is a cross between The Conjuring & Insidious and its just awful, trying to mesh ideas from both films and it fails
  • There is no way in hell a husband would leave his recently attacked, pregnant wife for a business trip
  • Normally I think sound effects can make or break a horror movie, this was a case where the sounds didn't seem to work
  • The mother in the film is CONSTANTLY screaming.....
  • The movie moves at a snails pace, I've never been so bored by a horror movie
  • Annabelle features no tension whatsoever, the scenes just seem to be stacked one after another, each trying to feature a scary scene back to back to back
  • If the movie had ended 7 minutes sooner, it would have been a bit more powerful/interesting (sort of like Oculus)
  • Who would seriously buy someone that doll as a gift? And then put it in the same room with their baby? And then continuing to keep it after someone died, cradling the doll in their hands?

Score: 3/10

Where to start with this cheap, generic rip off of other recently released horror movies? Annabelle pulls out the normal, cliched stops, closing doors, rocking chair sound effect, child laughter, an oblivious husband, and, of course, an all knowing priest while adding nothing new to the genre. Nothing here felt surprising at all, it didn't even feel like it was well done either (unlike The Conjuring which was extremely cliched as well, but so very well put together that it was good). As for the story, it just seems to make no sense why the family would continue to own that doll after it was found in the hands of a murderer and then suddenly reappears after being thrown out. Perhaps the biggest issue with the movie is that the doll itself just isn't effective enough or that we don't see enough of the demon using it as a conduit. Movies like Child's Play (where the doll had a personality and was unpredictable) seem to be more intense because the dolls are more of an actual character rather than a portal for the supernatural. I will leave you with this final thought, the 15 minutes or so that Annabelle is featured in The Conjuring are FAR more harrowing and chilling than the whole 90 minutes of Annabelle.

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  1. Saw this in the theatre, really really bad film. Don't bother.


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