Evil Dead 2 (1987)

  • Commonly referred to as one of the greatest horror movies of all time (and I certainly agree!)
  • Great to see that this time around Raimi embraces the silliness from the original film and intentionally ups the antics and absurdity
  • 'Evil Ash'
  • The camera work is fantastic, it's involving, it has a mind of its own, basically can be seen as a character itself
  • The sound effects are fantastic, very bizarre and most importantly, original and unique
  • Freddy Krueger claw Easter Egg (hung above the door to the workshed)
  • So many hilarious one-liners! ('Workshed', 'You're going down!', 'You bastards! Give me back my hand!', so many more)
  • And, of course, the most famous line from the film...."Groovy"
  • It isn't until this installment that the 'chainsaw' makes its appearance and the character of 'Ash' is truly born
  • The Hand Scene! "Who's laughing now!?"
  • Again, this movie does not shy away from copious amounts of blood (which is partially why it's so great)
  • The movie provides just as many laughs as it does creepy thrills (this truly is a one of a kind movie)
  • Briefly (and comically) foreshadows the prequel Army of Darkness that wouldn't be released for another 5 years (the weakest of the original trilogy)
  • This is the ultimate 'cabin in the woods' horror movie, you cannot beat Ash fighting for his soul against demons

  • The camera work can be a tad nauseating for some
  • I actually prefer the makeup design from the original The Evil Dead film when compared to this film
  • Hollywood, of course, put out an inferior reboot/remake to this classic gem (2013's Evil Dead)

Scores: 10/10

Evil Dead 2 is a landmark in the horror genre, it truly shows how much excitement and skill Sam Raimi & Bruce Campbell have when working together, especially with such a limited budget. Raimi creates a masterpiece on a technical level, the sound effects are bizarre yet fantastic, and the camera work is exciting and has a personality of its own so to speak. Bruce Campbell rises to the top in this sequel and becomes one of the greatest movie heroes of all time! It isn't until this movie that Ash truly takes form and becomes the demon fighting, one-liner delivering, hero we have come to love. Evil Dead 2 is one of those extremely, over the top horror movies that probably is more comedy than horror, but it totally works and it's unforgettable. Dead 2 has just about everything you could want in a horror movie, scares, gore, thrills, laughs, and a strong hero (something the movie has in spades)! Evil Dead 2 is a cult classic horror movie for a reason, this is a must see film!