Fury (2014)

  • Brad Pitt is outstanding (this should go without saying)
  • The cast is all around great (even Shia LaBeouf, who I have no problem with, he is a great actor)
  • Certainly not afraid to show the true brutality of war
  • Powerful to see the tank bring the group together, when outside the tank they are completely different people
  • The smoke bombs were unexpected and cool tool to watch
  • I enjoyed the aspect of thinking you're are super secure in a tank, but at the same time you are trapped and vulnerable 
  • The sound effects of the tank fire and missile fire are fantastic, sounds amazing
  • There is a very brief scene of the men looking at the sky and witnessing the beginning of a major air battle
  • Crazy to see the extreme hate for the SS (of course it is justified)
  • "I want to surrender"........."Please Don't"
  • There is a great middle scene where they try to go back to their normal lives, but it is unfortunately cut short by the other members of the tank
  • The action scenes are great..........for tank battles
  • Crazy to see 'Wardaddy' communicating with all the other tanks and taking charge of the battle
  • The camera shots from within the tank show just how cramped and tight those things really are, especially with 5 men inside
  • Best war movie of 2014! (Head and shoulders above The Monuments Men)

  • The execution scene completely takes away from Brad Pitt's character, goes from being a hero to just another soldier with little morals
  • Why would Don stay and fight and just about guarantee the death of all the men when they could have just walked away and lived to fight another day?
  • The ending completely feels ludicrous by how unorganized the Nazi infantry is and ineffective they are against a broken tank
  • Overall the movie lacks a solid hero (Captain Miller from Saving Private Ryan or Elias from Platoon)
  • They just happen to run into the most sentimental German soldier on Earth (This is where the movie feels like a cheat)
  • Why are all the men complete assholes when they are outside of the tank?
  • But seriously, how couldn't a single Nazi get behind the tank at the end? And who would look inside first and risk getting blasted in the face instead of first grouping in grenades?
  • Why do a ton of war movies always feature a higher up commander who is extremely young when compared to his subordinates? 

Score: 7/10

David Ayer creates what is probably the best war movie of 2014. Fury is a gritty look at the life of a group of men confined in a single tank and their struggle for survival. Clearly a crazy life and for just about anyone it would be a very difficult life to have, but these few men make it work. Brad Pitt is definitely the highlight of the film, bring not only his men together but the garrison of other tanks during battle. While together in the tank they are a solid, fighting unit worthy of your admiration, but outside the tank 3/5 men are complete fools and its hard to look past how obnoxious they are. So we are left with only 2 men, the new member, and Don, but Don shows his true colors when he executes an unarmed man (I completely lost faith in his character after that scene). And then the kid, unfortunately, doesn't receive enough backstory to make him seem like the 'innocence' character they want him to be portrayed as. Also, the movie would have been far more effective if it didn't go all out crazy with its climax, becoming too over the top for its own good. But outside of these flaws, the movie feels authentic and real in a sense and totally shows the horrors of war. But in the end, the movie will probably just be remembered as 'that tank movie with Brad Pitt'.

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  1. Since I enjoy WWII movies, I will have to watch Fury at some point, but I doubt that I will see it in theaters. Great review.


    1. (Sorry for taking this long to reply, I've been out of town) But yeah, I like war movies but this one just seemed to focus of the gore and violence of war, which we already know about war, that it really is hell! But this late in the season, there are a ton of other movies I think look way superior, so I agree, you should probably hold off on seeing it in theaters! Thanks James!

  2. I liked the mix of the traditional with the modern and I especially liked that tension filled sequence when the lads stumble into Brad and Logan's cosy lunch with the two women. You're right that it goes all A-Team at the end but that's harking back to classic war films too.


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