Gone Girl (2014)

  • Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike give standout performances, they're fantastic together
  • But perhaps the best character would be Nick's sister, Margo, (played by Carrie Coon) who was Nick's 'Voice of Reason'
  • The story provides plenty of clues (literally and figuratively) that it keeps you in the dark for most of the first half and then turns the tables on us
  • It slowly peels back layers and layers of a seemingly lovable relationship, revealing tiny details of mistrust and growing tension, ready to spill over at any moment
  • The character of 'Amy' is one for the ages
  • Great to see the movie challenge us as a viewer and force us to choose a side.....but eventually it becomes clear who the true monster really is
  • The score by Trent Reznor, is phenomenal, it's cold and distant (just like the tone of the movie), but when it needs to be intense....it certainly arises to the occasion (the best piece being 'Sugar Storm' & 'Consummation')
  • Glad to see the movie does not tip too heavily into the 'police procedural' category 
  • Perfectly displays our current society and our obsession with this type of news, turning from sympathizing to loathing someone whom we have never met, on a dime
  • The media perfectly pulls the strings of the viewers hearts and plays us like a fiddle
  • Selfies are a terrible idea
  • The humor is great (obviously is all within the dialogue), it comes sharp and fast, and then it's immediately gone and the eerie tone carries back on
  • Amazing to see the suspense remain throughout the entire movie, even when one aspect of the movie gets solved, multiple, new clues pop up to keep you on the edge of your seat
  • The story can be looked at as a way of how we look at or treat our significant others with respect to ourselves and our own identity
  • One of the better mystery movies of recent memory, a story with enough twists and turns that it's extremely unpredictable, which is exactly how I like my mysteries
  • Gone Girl is a top 2 movie of the year....

  • As much as I hate to say it, Neil Patrick Harris seems like the odd actor out in an already great cast, it was hard to look past his previous comedy roles
  • Wouldn't the FBI have a ton of questions at the end of the film? There is no way a larger investigation would not be put under way

Score: 10/10

David Fincher has taken another fantastic novel and turned it into an engrossing spectacle. The movie may be long (nearly 2 hours and 30 minutes), but not for one single second does the excitement leave you and boredom sets in. Fincher keeps the suspense high throughout the entire movie, just when you think the movie has been solved, new obstacles arise and it couldn't be more engrossing! The first half of the movie obviously focuses on the mystery of 'Where is Amy?', but it isn't until the twist halfway through the movie that the real excitement and anxiety kicks in. That being said, the second half of the movie focuses on Nick and his colleagues trying to figure out a way out of the mess he is now in, this is where the movie gets wild and gleefully unpredictable. Unfortunately, he is always one step behind where he needs to be and it's exhilarating to see him attempting to counter and disprove 'the perfect crime' of sorts. And as for a personal reason why I might have enjoyed the movie so much is that the police are actually quite competent, but not over the top geniuses like some movies portray them as. They too are playing a game where they are fighting against someone who might be better than them at their own jobs, this is what makes the movie so exciting, a worthy opponent.

Gone Girl starts off as simple mystery-thriller and then explodes into a much larger story with plenty of intricate layers to keep you guessing at the end game; it also challenges you as a viewer and forces you to pick a side (the lesser of two evils perhaps). At first Nick is shown to be just another terrible husband lacking emotion and passion, but the later half of the film shows him in a completely different light and it's hard not to root for him. Of course, much of the praise must go to the author of the actual book because she has created a truly captivating story (snubbed for an Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay).

As of right now, it is safe to say that Gone Girl is easily one of the top movies of 2014, right up there with Snowpiercer. It's movies like this that movie terms like 'eyes glued to the screen' and 'edge of your seat' exist, go see this movie immediately!