The Signal (2014)

  • For a low budget, independent film, the graphics and production values look very good
  • The mystery of the movie is always present, just when you think you've figured something out, the movie throws you another curveball
  • Pretty creepy to see what happened to the other people who made contact with 'the signal'
  • 'R U Agitated?'
  • There are a lot of great ideas in this movie, lots of twists and turns, but not enough time to develop them
  • One of the few movies where a few more actions scenes would have been great, especially once we see the tools of destruction
  • The final three minutes of the movie

  • There are a few minutes where they use found footage, it's completely unnecessary and of course you cannot see a damn thing because of the shakiness
  • This is the type of movie that presents a ton of great ideas, but in doing so it rushes through them too quickly and then you hardly get any answers
  • During his time in captivity, the overall feeling seems too cozy (too much freedom in a sense) and not scary or intense enough
  • Why would the aliens not just make contact at will vs specific locations?
  • The movie relies heavily on the emotional connection between the three main characters but its really hard to buy into and brief
  • Super impractical flashing lights during an 'alarm sequence'
  • Still have yet to figure out what the numerous flashback scenes signify, freedom?
  • Why did the 'alarms' never go off if the other friend was trying to escape his captivity as well?
  • The BIG reveal is sadly, pretty predictable

Score: 7/10

There are a ton of ideas flowing in The Signal, but ultimately it's just too much for the director to handle. The movie is only 97 minutes, but if it were to pump up the two hour mark, the movie could have been something special, giving certain ideas enough time to play out. Instead, it feels like the movie goes from one idea right to the next and never nourishes those ideas enough to make them truly compelling. Even though the movie seems overstuffed, there are enough moments in the movie that lead to some exciting moments. It isn't until the final 12 minutes or so that the movie throws all the cards on the table and the action scenes finally get some screen time. But those final minutes of the film might come a bit too late when compared to the 80 minutes or so from a somewhat familiar/thin plot line. If you are a fan of independent, Sci-Fi movies then The Signal will be a very nice treat for you!

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