Dumb & Dumber To (2014)

  • There are a FEW and I mean a FEW good laughs
  • Some great callbacks/homages to the original film
  • Bill Murray has a very, very brief cameo in the movie (he's the meth maker roommate who wears a mask)
  • I was actually okay with the rehash of the story from the original film
  • Some of the fantasy scenes really work (some, however, do not)
  • The wrong address gag was probably my favorite part of the movie

  • So many jokes just are not funny at all.....so many (most involving something gross)
  • Unfortunately falls victim to today's current trend of comedies that focus on being extremely raunchy and vulgar
  • At nearly 2 hours, the movie is just flat out too long
  • Lloyd and Harry have grown to be very cruel and mean people (very bizarre choice by the writers)
  • Again, there were just too many gross-out jokes (It's a shame to see the Farrelly brothers fall from grace continue)
  • I hate to say it, but the characters, Harry and Lloyd, were just completely unlikable and extremely annoying
  • Basically, this movie never should have been made, especially 20 years after the original
  • You can't help but shake the feeling that Jim Carrey (Whom I really like) and Jeff Daniels are trying way too hard
  • The comedy isn't as 'organic' in a sense, as the original, everything here is forced and seems like mini, comedy skits thrown together to make scenes move along
  • Also, Jeff Daniels gives Harry some sort of odd lisp....very distracting
  • They constantly felt the need to remind us how stupid the characters by having them mispronounce words or common phrases throughout the entire movie
  • No Jennifer Lawrence cameo
  • The movie was so bad that I noticed 5 different people walk out of the movie theater......

Score: 3/10

The main problem with Dumb and Dumber To has to be the characters themselves, who were ruined by the writers, they are now completely unlikable and more annoying than funny. Harry and Lloyd show no remorse as they constantly make fun of those around them, it is one thing to be oblivious like in the original, but this was something different. And as for the actors themselves, it was hard not to notice their age and their desperate attempts at rekindling the fire from the original movie.

Everything just screamed, over the top and overall, Jim Carrey was just too much. There are not many positive things that can be said about the movie, there were only a handful of jokes that I laughed at in the movie, and most of them I cannot even remember, even having watched the movie 45 minutes ago. I did enjoy most of the numerous homages paying tribute to the original film, 'Rhode Island Slut', the Sheep Dog van, and many more. But again, there are not nearly enough funny gags for the movie to be actually funny or recommendable.

This is just another movie that should not have been made by Hollywood, especially given the vast amount of time between the films. Dumb and Dumber To is fighting for the top spot at being label 'The Worst Movie of 2014'!

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  1. Wasn't a fan of the first so I'll avoid this one to.

    1. Oh wow you really didn't like the first one? Its definitely one my my favorite comedies of all time, I love it! But yeah I can't believe certain people gave this movie a positive review.....that's just crazy! What are some of your favorite comedies?

  2. Good review Matt. I had no idea that was Bill Murray in that bizarre cameo, but doesn't change my opinion either way. It was truly a bad, disappointing film...a far cry away from the first.

    Also, I'm not surprised that J Law didn't appear in it. The film's view and portrayal of women was incredibly juvenile, and I'm usually not one to care about that sort of thing.

    1. Yeah when I found that out I was very surprised he did that! He's great, but yeah it definitely doesn't change my opinion in the slightest. They definitely upped the misogyny or something, like you said the women were not treated well at all. I really wonder if J Law read the script and passed because of that or if it never got that far and she just declined before that?!

      On a side note, I laughed way harder at the trailer for the new 'Minions' movie before the movie than 'Dumb and Dumber 2'. Idk if you saw that trailer, but I was cracking up at that thing! Thanks Jordan!


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