Housebound (2014)

  • Housebound is really a giant bag of movie genres, horror, comedy, thriller, mystery, drama, all of those play a prominent role (but horror and comedy are the main features)
  • The comedy bits in the movie is easily its high points, its deadpan at its best, as well as 
  • Unconventional approach to classic horror movies moments by the main character, Kylie, someone who refuses to play the 'ghost story' game
  • The security officer is without a doubt the best character in the movie, he's the classic big guy who is trying really hard to appear as a very serious professional, but everything he does is just so silly, I loved every minute he was on screen
  • The 3rd act is where all the excitement and mayhem lies, things get wild and the bizarre story comes full circle
  • The teddy bear is super creepy, scarier than the 'Annabelle' doll, but also it's mildly humorous with its persistence 
  • Two words.........cheese grater
  • Also using house arrest as a motive to keep the main character in the house works very well (Could this be a growing trend?)
  • There certainly are some genuine scares (which is very surprising because of how much the movie feels like a comedy)
  • The movie features a certain amount of 'charm', it's hard not to enjoy/admire what the director was trying to accomplish
  • Easily one of the best horror movies of 2014

  • At 1 hour and 47 minutes, the movie has a surprising amount of downtime or slow moving scenes, it would have been better to make a few edits to produce a shorter movie
  • The 1st third of the movie can be a bit rough with the slow moving scenes of Kylie just lounging around the house not doing a whole lot while on house arrest
  • I personally didn't find the mother as funny as the movie wanted her character to be
  • There is a point in the movie where it divulges a critical part of the story and it came out of nowhere and I had to rewind to fully comprehend it (Basically just caught me off guard)

Score: 8/10

Housebound is a very well crafted movie, mostly because it perfectly balances suspense/horror with comedic tones that laugh in the face of classic horror moments. But even with all those great comedy bits, there are quite a few creepy moments in the movie that gets your heart pounding. The story, on the other hand, is quite original (especially once all the cards are thrown on the table), I won't give too much away, but it plays out like a ghost story with the main character trapped inside the house, and then turns into something much different. Housebound is full of surprises and comical elements that keeps the somewhat darker story light at heart. Having the main character on house arrest is a nice touch that forces her to stay inside the house, versus having her flee at the first sign of something sinister happening inside the house walls.

Housebound plays out with some typical horror elements, but the main character refuses to follow suit and every time something 'unusual' happens, she tackles those situations more level headed than most horror movie characters, which creates some great humor. As I said above, I loved how the movie easily transitioned from being quite comical to some very solid scares, it also has a very strong creep factor as well! I was not expecting a whole lot going into this movie so it turned out to be quite a surprise, even though the movie certainly would have been better had it trimmed its runtime down! And as for a warning, if you for some odd reason you struggle through the first 1/2 of the movie (I'm not sure why you would though), just know that the 3rd act is where all the excitement and mayhem lives! This movie is along the likes of Tucker & Dale vs Evil, and although it is definitely a darker movie than that, it does features a lot more (and welcomed) surprises!

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  1. Haven't even heard of this one! The trailer looked ace though - is it Aussie or New Zealand made?

    1. It's New Zealand! It was a pretty nice surprise, a hidden gem really! The trailer makes it look a bit more dark than it really is


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