Interstellar (2014)

  • Unquestionably Christopher Nolan's most ambitious film yet (but certainly not his best)
  • The graphics are breath-taking, space hasn't looked this good since Gravity
  • I enjoyed the soundtrack a lot, Hans Zimmer is amazing and probably the best in the game, glad to see him using a different/new style
  • Even though the movie requires you to be a physicist to fully understand it, I did enjoy them talking about the science behind their an extent
  • The backstory of having the world collapse because of food shortage is a nice touch, deviating away from the classic war ruining life
  • Planet hopping is an amazing idea, the central plot, in general, is fantastic and intriguing, but being just that, you leave room for plenty of questions to arise
  • I love that time is used as the ultimate motivator for the characters in the film, that is the way our life is built around and one of the very few things we cannot control
  • TARS (the AI units) were incredibly interesting and useful, a new take on the typically, human lookalike AI units from most sci-fi films
  • Glad to see Nolan take a chance on an idea featuring some of our biggest mysteries, like what happens inside a wormhole and a black hole

  • The music/sound effects were too loud during certain scenes to the point where you couldn't hear the dialogue between characters (an issue most people are reporting)
  • For the love of God, brush up on your understanding of the space-time continuum and your understanding of relativity (the whole movie resides on the foundations of such topics, you've been warned!)
  • The motives of the professor make absolutely no sense whatsoever and are never fully explained, this is a big question mark
  • More bittersweet than anything else, but they spend hardly zero time explaining the mission and prior missions before actually launching into space
  • The trailer for the movie ruins the coolest planet they visit in the film (the water planet), this definitely should have been left out of the trailer
  • The movie's big 'Ah-ha' moment is a bit underwhelming, it's basically just a bunch of explanations shoved down our throats by Cooper talking to 'TARS aka the audience
  • Why was his son such an asshole when he got older? His motives as well made no sense
  • Unfortunately, I'm one of those people that enjoyed the ride, but there were just too many unexplained motives. It seems Nolan encountered the same problem the characters faced, there just was not enough time

Score: 8/10

I cannot remember the last time I've been this split about a movie, the way I am with Interstellar. The movie features a general plot that I absolutely love, Earth is dying and Earth's remaining survivors must send people in search for a new planet to save mankind. I've always been fascinated by space and I love how Nolan explores the unknown, such as far off galaxies, wormholes, black holes, and gravity. The brilliance is that he is basically free to do whatever he wants with them since hardly anything is known about such anomalies. Time was at the center of the movie, it was the driving force for the main character and it was intriguing to see how time manipulated people's motives, it's a force you cannot fight and win against. But on the other end of the spectrum, with a movie like this, you open up a door to a plethora of questions, which happens to be the case. There are moments where the movie just forces you to assume something with very little explanation (especially characters motives for doing certain acts).

The movie also beats you over the head with constant talk about gravity and relativity, as if the entire audience had a Ph.D. in physics. That was a huge drawback for the film, it relied so heavily on those concepts that it was hard to follow or understand as they went from one idea to the next with little explanation. You know when you have a real-life physicist on the set explaining such topics to you, that the audience might be left behind scratching their heads. As for the ending, I still have mixed feelings about it, I really wanted a huge 'No way!' curveball thrown at me, but instead we got an overly explained ending that we knew would tie into the beginning of the film. But it was sort of bittersweet in a sense and I kind of enjoy that type of thing. But again, not enough can be said about the general ideas Nolan wanted to put on screen, they were ambitious and very intriguing to think about post-film. I'm glad someone took a chance on such complicated and sought after ideas, even if they came up short (we surely will not be seeing something of this caliber in a very long time). Best movie of 2014?........sadly no.

A picture of the timeline for the movie! (click for larger view)