At the Devil's Door (2014)

  • The opening scene involving the game and its aftermath are totally creepy, it's fantastic
  • "You're not the one I want"
  • At times, the movie certainly has a strong atmosphere, but it's too bad it doesn't last majority of the whole run-time
  • "Come to me"
  • As much as I think jump scares are a cheap gimmick, one scene had me jump about 3 feet in the air
  • The story of the first girl is by far the most interesting and engaging
  • "I want you to go down to where the roads meet and say your name. So he knows your name when he calls for you."
  • I really enjoyed the constant use of the outline of the demon and his shadow to create tension
  • The movie is heavy on the dread, which is a good thing, but in doing so it sacrifices a solid story
  • The final showdown in the final 12 minutes is solid, but.....

  • The final 2 minutes of the movie are extremely disappointing, extremely anticlimactic
  • It's unfortunate that the director decided to constantly jump between time periods with no warning or reasoning
  • The movie is a tale of three girls, and the middle girl is by far the slowest, most boring, and feels almost completely unnecessary (thankfully she is the least shown)
  • Certainly not the most original story, another demonic possession type movie a la Rosemary's Baby
  • Towards the end, the writing for Naya Rivera's character gets super far fetched and out of control
  • All and all, everything here just sings amateur, from the acting to the generic, rushed storyline (we've seen just about everything this movie has to offer before and better)
  • I still do not understand the importance of the babysitting scene?
  • Why did the final girl not need to 'play the game'?

Score: 6/10

At The Devil's Door is a mixed bag of horror elements, there are some great scares and a strong atmosphere, but then there are parts of the story that just seem irrelevant. As for the better aspects of the movie, the opening scene is phenomenal, it does what every movie should do, it hooks the viewer in a matter of minutes. After those great opening minutes, the atmosphere in the movie is nice and thick, and it lasts for just about the entire movie. But the atmosphere can't save the movie from a very odd and spotty narrative timeline that jumps all over the place between past and present for no apparent reason. The movie is the tale of three characters and the middle character is just filler to get from the first girl to the last girl. The second act is where the story starts to get muddy and the excitement level drops significantly, and the questions start to rise. And as for the end (which most people have a problem with), I have to agree, very anticlimactic and disappointing. Like I said above, the final minutes of the movie just ruins the ride, just a lack of logic in the characters decision is just disappointing.

At The Devil's Door was the type of movie I really wanted to like more than I did, but looking back, there are just too many empty scenes that don't add up. The whole movie jumps through time like crazy, from the past to the present, then like 7 years into the future, which definitely makes you wonder why a character waited that long to do so? And if you can't get past the middle girl in the film and turn the movie off, you're not really missing much of a conclusion, let alone anything you haven't seen before in the horror genre.