Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

  • The visual effects are the high point of the film (take that with a grain of salt)
  • I enjoyed the portrayal of God, this is a very polarizing aspect of the film
  • The costume design and wardrobe coming from the characters looked great, especially royalty
  • The Ten Plagues of Egypt were definitely scary and effective
  • Rameses was the standout character, his arrogance was one of the best aspects of the film
  • The death of the firstborn son....

  • Far too many Hollywood stars are in the film, for some reason it distracts from the story
  • There was simply no 'style' to speak of, it was just a Hollywood film that needed something 'extra' (Noah had a ton of style thanks to Aronofsky)
  • The way people spoke in the movie was way too modern for those times
  • In the end, the movie offers nothing new to the story of Moses nor does it give it justice on an emotional level
  • It's sad to say but, while Christian Bale is clearly committed to the role, having him at the helm makes the movie feel more 'Hollywood-esque'
  • I was kind of disappointed how they choose to portray the parting of the Red Sea
  • The movie is flat out long and boring

Score: 4/10

Unfortunately, Ridley Scott continues his streak of disappointing movies with Exodus: Gods and Kings. The movie is just plain boring for the vast majority of the film, even with an all-star cast, the movie just doesn't shine. Whereas Noah had an abundance of style in it (thanks to the brilliant Aronofsky), Exodus seemed to be lacking on the stylish flair (which it definitely needed). The story of Moses is epic, but the portrayal of that story in the movie didn't do it any sort of justice, it was long and tedious. The movie offers nothing new to the story of Moses, the emotional level in the film was not as strong as it should have been. The actors were a huge drawback for the film unfortunately, too many high profile characters made the movie feel more 'fake' than it should have, it would have been more beneficial to hire less known actors. Another very odd feature in the film was its dialogue, it had a way too modern feeling to it, I noticed that almost immediately. One might not think this is a huge deal, but it's very noticeable and again, makes the movie seem less biblical in a sense. In the end, I would definitely say Noah is the better film of the two (the two biblical epics of 2014), it's not as grand a story as Moses, but the amount of style in the film pushes it ahead of Exodus. Hopefully, Scott returns to form for Prometheus 2.

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  1. Oh, Jordan gave it a quite good review! Obviously he liked it more than you! I do like the old fashioned Biblical epic (though I still haven't seen Noah) so will probably check this one out. I'll probably leave my sons at home though!

    1. While I enjoyed it more than Matt here, his points are still right on. It doesn't connect emotionally, nor does it offer anything new.

      I enjoyed it more because I wasn't really looking for either of those things when I went to see it. I really just wanted to see, as you stated, a "Biblical epic" which Gods and Kings fits that mold nicely.

      Great review Matt!

    2. Yeah idk about this film, it was just slow at times, but on the other had it certainly had some interesting scenes. I'm very mixed about the movie, idk what it is, but something about the film didn't seem 'right'. It might be because biblical movies just aren't my thing?! I'm guessing that if you dig Biblical Epics, you will most likely enjoy this!!


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