Life After Beth (2014)

  • The brother is by far the best/funniest character in the movie (that might be a con, however, given he only has about 8 minutes of screen time)
  • There is a brief homage to Parks and Recreation (the actress who plays Beth, is a regular on the TV show)
  • Anna Kendrick has a very odd and brief cameo
  • "Your hair is warm. My hair is warm? What does that even mean?"
  • The oven attached to Beth is pretty interesting

  • The overall story feels completely thin or underdeveloped to say the least
  • The movie is built around the relationship between Beth and Zach, but we are never shown any moments between them before her death, so it feels completely empty
  • Zach's parents are completely clueless and not concerned about how Zach is feeling
  • I still have no idea what the meaning was behind Beth's obsession with Zach?
  • The movie is billed as a 'zom-rom-com', but there is hardly any comedy or romance, there is a zombie, but it's neither scary nor funny
  • The 3rd act makes no sense, it never fully explains anything and then the events get completely wiped clean at the very end
  • It seems the writers and director ran out of ideas, the movie features no surprises or twists, it's like they ran out of ideas and stretched what the had
  • What was the point of the mud/dirt obsession? Or the jazz music?
  • I contemplated turning the movie off about 3 separate's that boring

Score: 3/10

Life After Beth is a completely failed attempt at a new, growing subgenre in the zombie world. I didn't think Warm Bodies was all that great, but this makes that look like the best movie of the year! It seems like the writers had a decent idea of having a kid's girlfriend killed and brought back to life as a zombie, but that's as far as they got and didn't know how to fill the scenes. The relationship is the focal point of the movie but there's no depth there to be found, as I said above, it feels thin.

Life After Beth is also billed as a comedy, but there certainly not enough humor in the movie to call it that, this is more of a slow, drama with no substance. The whole time watching the movie, I felt there was something missing, some type of surprise or something to would put the movie in a higher gear, but that never happened. Beth stays in neutral and the characters (who are just as bland as the storytelling) just go from scene to scene offering nothing exciting for us to bite into. There are no high points in this movie, everything just rings average at best and as a whole the movie is completely forgettable. As I said above, if you are interested in a 'zom-rom-com', check out Warm Bodies over this.

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  1. A shame. I liked the trailer a lot but this review has saved me a couple of hours of my life. I did have a soft spot for Warm Bodies though.

    1. Yeah I thought the trailer looked okay, but it was just so empty it was ridiculous. 'Warm Bodies' at least had some heart/cute moments between the two leads, but this had absolutely zero moments like that. It seriously wasn't funny or anything, it's hard to describe because it fails at almost everything, it's basically a drama I guess? Definitely would skip this one!


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