The Interview (2014)

  • One of the most controversial movies of all time, if not the most controversial
  • Seth Rogen and James Franco are one of the best comedy tandems in the film industry, they're awesome to watch
  • The movie makes Kim Jong-un completely likable, at first it's hard to resist his charm, brilliant
  • "Fake Glasses?" I loved the whole glasses joke and honey potting idea
  • The Lord of the Rings jokes were awesome, especially the terrible Gollum impersonation
  • The soundtrack to the movie is pretty awesome, but, unfortunately, each song lasts for a max of 5 seconds each
  • The handshake sequences are gold, so blatantly obvious, it's hilarious
  • The two leads constantly asking the commander how he is feeling after eating 'American gum'
  • 'Dark Skylark: An Unexpected Journey' - The Hobbit reference anyone?
  • "I didn't pack well for this trip! I packed like a fool!"

  • The trailer ruins a lot of good jokes unfortunately and leaves out a few as well
  • Following suit with today's comedy trend, the movie is extremely vulgar (why do filmmakers think rapid fire, sexual jokes are a good idea?)
  • The main problem with the movie is that James Franco's Mike character is a complete tool and totally unlikeable
  • Sony executives forced them to cut down the violence for a particular scene at the end of the movie.....lame
  • The actual interview at the end of the movie goes on a bit too long, especially with Franco singing that song to Kim
  • I wish they did more training scenes in the CIA headquarters
  • The movie lacked an overall driving force that featured something unexpected, instead the overall story came off as a bit predictable
  • No Cameos

Score: 7/10

So was The Interview the best comedy of all time, or even the best comedy of the year? Sadly no, it's not even Seth Rogen and James Franco's best collaboration, that title goes to Pineapple Express. The movie does have some very solid comedy bits that are very original, but the overall film itself lacked excitement and unpredictability. It was pretty clear that one of the main characters would get caught up in Kim's manipulation, only to come to his senses at the end of the film, just in time to be claimed a hero. If you haven't seen the movie, you could easily guess the type of route the writers went when choosing to portray Kim's personality, super fluffy and soft. But other than a pretty straightforward storyline, my only other true complaint is that the movie is extremely vulgar. Just like Dumb and Dumber To and Neighborswhich came out earlier this year, the amount of jokes involving sex or genitalia is through the roof. Do the writers really think this is funny? I'm not arguing if it's acceptable or not, I'm just trying to say those types of jokes are used so much in the movie that it becomes overkill.

But other than those complaints, The Interview has quite a bit of good humor, I've always been a fan of the two lead actors and this movie is no different. Though I do think that when James Franco plays a more likable character, the overall movie is better (like Pineapple Express), here however, his character is a complete douche and the movie sort of suffers for it. But somehow they make it work, their chemistry and improv skills are as sound as ever, and though their banter is pretty scattershot, most jokes hit their mark. And I of course loved the numerous jokes about The Lord of the Rings, how could you not? And you have to give them some credit for making an original comedy movie, how many other comedies can you name that revolve around the assassination of a world leader.......besides Team America?

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  1. I'm not a huge Rogan fan so I haven't searched this out yet. Maybe on DVD. Sounds fun enough but not essential from your review.

    1. Yeah once it hits DVD it might be worth it at like Redbox or something for $1.25. You're not missing a whole lot waiting, especially if their type of humor isn't your thing! I normally like them, but this certainly isn't their best. Does have some moments though!


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