Coherence (2013)

  • For a first time director, he does an amazing job, especially as the writer of the film considering how insane the premise is
  • The glow sticks idea is absolutely genius, thank God this idea was thrown in the movie (both intuitive and very helpful)
  • Would you really want to meet yourself?
  • If you are a fan of time warping/manipulation, this is a movie for your
  • The movie is basically about the 'Schrodinger's Cat Paradox'
  • I like how the movie presents itself with intelligent characters who are aware of their situation (though some are a bit more skeptical)
  • Concept of 'dark versions' of ourselves
  • The vast majority of the movie is improvised by the actors, the director only gave them simple clues each day and told them to go with it
  • One of the most mind-melting movies I have ever seen
  • Coherence is just an ingenious film with an ultra low budget, it's movies like this that makes the Sci-Fi genre thrive

  • The cardinal sin of movie making: spotty camera work, this movie, unfortunately, has terrible camera work and it drove me crazy
  • I didn't like the character who eventually becomes an alcoholic and complicates things for no apparent reason
  • I wish they would have explored 'evil versions' a bit more
  • The pace is slow in the first half of the film before strange things start happening, mostly a bunch of family members bickering (but that might be a good thing because the second half of the film gets quite complicated)
  • The movie might be too perplexing for it's own good (whereas Inception made you want to rewatch the movie and solve the puzzle, Coherence might be too difficult to 'solve' even with multiple viewings)
  • I wish the movie would have ended 2-3 minutes sooner than it did

Score: 8/10

Coherence is one of those movies that you won't soon forget, whether you hated it or loved it, the movie is something special (especially since it's a directing debut). Rather than being a 'basic' time traveling movie, the movie focuses on the Schrodinger's Cat Paradox (I'm not going to elaborate on the subject for potential spoiler reasons), which is sure to make things far more complicated. I loved how it wasn't your straight forward time travel flair, it was more intricate and original than that, though it isn't till later in the movie that you realize this (which might be too late).

And while the second half of the movie features the more complex aspects of the narrative, I have to admit the first third of the movie or so, was a bit of a struggle. None of the characters are particularly interesting, I guess you could call them an 'average family', which is more or less a good thing. But the cardinal sin the movie makes is without question the faulty camera work, it really showed the film was amateurish, not quality-wise, but inexperience. They struggle to focus the camera at times (probably on purpose, but why?), the framing was terrible, and of course it was handheld at times and shaky.

Outside of that, Coherence was pretty dang interesting, not many movies tackle these types of narratives and can pull it off. If you are into the whole 'mind-bending' experience a la Timecrimes, Triangle, and Primer, this is more than worthy of consideration. 

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