The Guest (2014)

  • The soundtrack is stellar, easily one of the best of the year, an array of synthesized songs, very retro 80s
  • A ton of cool lighting goes on in the movie, very vibrant and colorful, it's awesome
  • So unpredictable, the movie leads you in one direction and then goes in another
  • The action scenes are short and sweet, they aren't over the top nor are they never-ending battles seem to last forever
  • I loved the climax of the film at the school dance, the haunted maze was a perfect setting for the production and lighting department to shine
  • David is the cock of the walk, he's smart, tough, attractive, he is everything you could want in a hero or is he?
  • The keg scene is amazing, so over the top, so awesome
  • I love how the director makes David the coolest guy in the room, but then at the same time, he never lets you forget that there is something very off-putting about the character
  • "Left, right, right, left, left, right, left, then straight.....Got it?"
  • I agree with other people when they say the son looks like a male version of Chloe Grace Moretz (it's kind of funny)
  • Really enjoyed what information we are given about David's background, just enough to make his character work, yet little enough for him to remain mysterious
  • Dan Stevens who plays David is perfectly cast, he brings the perfect amount of charm the role requires
  • Believe it or not, the movie made a few movie critics top ten films of the year!
  • Destined to go down as a cult classic!

  • The mother meets David less than 2 days ago and she is already letting him pick up her children from school, 'teach them self-defense', and forcing her family to incorporate him into their lives?
  • He just happens to run into an arms dealer at a party? Awfully convenient
  • The mom brings him to the school and into the room for the discipline hearing, really?
  • You'd think they would show up with more than just 6-7 soldiers at the end of the film

Score: 9/10

The Guest just might be the 'coolest' movie of the year, it certainly features one of the coolest characters of the year, David. The movie has style to spare, from the vibrant lighting, to the retro soundtrack, the movie is easy on the eyes and ears, it's flat out amazing. The soundtrack being the high-point of the film, an array of synthesized songs that makes the movie something special. All the technical aspects of the film are more than covered, they are the highlight of the film, and the acting coming from Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe is great.

The story revolves around the cryptic character, David, who stays with the family of a fallen soldier and subtly begins imposing his will on their lives. It's great to see the director know how to handle the material and shift the viewer's opinion of David back and forth, he's shown as the coolest guy at the party, he can do anything and everything, but at the same time you are shown darker glimpses of him that create some type of doubt. It's this doubt that carries The Guest along, at first David is the saving grace of the family, he's solving their problems one at a time, but then things slowly start to change for the worse.

 Is he who he says he is, is he really there to help, did he really serve with their son/brother, is all of this too good to be true? All these questions remain hidden until the end and rather than take the conventional route with this type of story, the movie takes a somewhat bizarre turn as it reveals what David's motives are and who he is. Though I can imagine some people might have a problem with how light the movie is with the details of who he is, I certainly had no problem with it whatsoever.

I loved just about every single minute of The Guest, other than the mother who takes open arms to new heights, this is how low budget thrillers should be. As I said above, the retro soundtrack and directing style coming from Adam Wingard are nothing short of spectacular. The Guest is one of the best-hidden gems of the year and is sure to gain a very solid cult following as the years go by, one of the best movies of 2014!

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