Horns (2013)

  • The story is quite interesting on the surface, a man charged with murder slowly starts evolving into the Devil in the flesh
  • His powers are pretty interesting, especially having people reveal their deepest secrets to him and asking for his permission
  • Danielle Radcliffe is surprisingly dedicated to his role
  • There are some good comedy bits and jokes
  • Interesting to see his powers grow in number as the movie progresses
  • The makeup design looks pretty good, especially when he starts to really look like some sort of demon late in the movie

  • I wish we were given a few more details on the murder case at the beginning of the film
  • The set up of the movie seems very rushed
  • I have to agree with most people who say the movie has a problem maintaining a solid tone, at times horror, then a comedy, and at times a romantic story of sorts
  • The overall story here is just not 'deep' enough to be interesting, especially backed by its lighter/silly tone
  • I feel like there would be a lot more attention to his horns from a media perspective or something like that 
  • So across is all it takes to protect someone from his powers?
  • Why does the father all of a sudden believe him at the end of the movie?
  • The neo-noir voice over by Iggy is just completely out of place here
  • CGI snakes (and there are a lot of them)
  • And the over the top ending completely ruined any hope the movie may have had at being 'good'

Score: 5/10

While I enjoyed the overall concept of the film, the execution by Aja was lacking and sporadic to say the least. Like many people have been saying, the tone is all over the place, at times Horns is a comedy when it should be horror, and other times its horror when it should be more mysterious. It's very inconsistent, had the movie stuck to a solid horror/mystery tone, I think the movie could have been fantastic. Just when the movie starts to get interesting and perplexing, the comedic tones come through and ruins the moment. However, the 'demon/devil' idea was great, original and chilling though I'm not sure what the point of it was in the end game? And his powers, of course, come off as very interesting and some good comedy bits arise because of it. It's hard to recommend this movie on a more serious note since I think the story was pretty hit or miss, but there certainly were moments in the movie I thought were pretty great/original. But I think that if you are having the main character turning into the devil in the flesh, you should probably avoid a comedic approach and stick to something a bit more sinister. Horns has some interesting moments, but ultimately fails to maintain it's mystery narrative and comes off as scattershot.

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