Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)

  • Overall an intriguing, action-heavy, spy thriller with a nasty bite!
  • This will without a doubt become a movie franchise (more bittersweet than anything)
  • There numerous jokes making fun of Americans and American culture was great
  • Bond-esque music
  • The action scenes are filmed very well, more fluid and continuous than other recent action films
  • British humor and British language are funny to me, I actually really enjoy it
  • Loved the numerous training exercises
  • My Cocaine
  • "Brad Pitt ate my sandwich" article clipping on the back wall was hilarious (eating is something Brad Pitt does in damn near every one of his movies)
  • The technology they use is, of course, awesome, always cool to see the gadgetry they possess (Umbrellas being the coolest of them all)
  • I loved how Global Warming was the driving force used by the villain (obviously a very hotly debated current subject)
  • Each villain needs a badass bodyguard and Gazelle certainly is a badass
  • The final 2 minutes of the movie 
  • Glad to see the movie went for the R-rating and played around with the rating
  • Probably going to be the best action-comedy of the year

  • I'm sure it was to make fun of Americans, but why did Samuel L Jackson need to have a lisp?
  • Got a little too silly towards the end of the movie (I'm sure you'll know which scene I'm referring to)
  • The pacing seemed a bit off kilter, things slowed down only a few times but it was noticeable

Score: 8/10

Kingsman may just be the most exciting and fun action movie of the year, just like last year's surprise hit, Guardians of the Galaxy. The brilliance of the movie rests in the hands of the writers and their tongue in cheek jokes poking fun at the James Bond franchise, as well as American culture, it's nothing short of amazing. They basically were saying that can do everything the Americans can do (action/over the top fighting), but also while maintaining a high level of sophistication while doing so. That being said, the action in the movie looked pretty great, lots of fluid/continuous action shots with some nice choreography. Surprisingly, almost all of the great action choreography comes from the Colin Firth's character! And of course like any spy movie out there, there need to be cool gadgets for our heroes, and Kingsman is no different. Everything in this movie is 'cool', from their clothing to their weapons (bulletproof suits, bulletproof umbrellas, grenade lighters), the Kingsman are basically the new James Bond.

In the end, the movie knows exactly what is is trying to do, poke fun at classic spy thrillers while at the same time maintaining a new hip attitude, something today's younger generation would appreciate. And this is not your typical mind numbing action thriller either, though not terribly original, Kingsman has a certain amount of style and flair to make it something special (that something special might be its political commentary). Kingsman is sure to be one of the best action movies of the year, no question about it!

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