Starry Eyes (2014)

  • Another micro-budget horror movie proving how much one can do with very little
  • Alex Essie certainly is committed to the role, she is fantastic
  • "And Sarah, this will be different than before"
  • Loved the transitions from intense auditions to a sudden cut of her calmly leaving the audition
  • An eerie and original soundtrack/score
  • A dark and twisted message at the film industry and Hollywood as a whole
  • Once the movie hits its turning point, it gets super creepy and twisted
  • If you are a fan of gore, you should know the movie goes from about a 2 to a hard 10 in the gore department
  • I personally enjoyed the final 3rd act when things turned up the violence (the first two-thirds were pretty dry for me)
  • The practical effects and makeup design look surprisingly fantastic for a low budget movie
  • The unusual take of having the main character already being a bit of a psycho, rather than corrupting a typical, innocent soul
  • Her 'transformation' scene (creepy, yet beautiful)

  • Some say the movie is a satire (or at least at times), but I certainly don't see it, didn't find a single moment funny
  • The movie is a slow burn and I have to admit that I struggled a bit (mostly because it seemed a bit trivial)
  • Who in their right mind wouldn't go to the ER?
  • What caused her to get so sick? Witchcraft or something along those lines? Drugs?
  • I couldn't stand the supporting cast around her, aka her friends

Score: 6/10

Starry Eyes has been on a lot of 'Best Horror Movies of 2014' lists, but I couldn't help feel disappointed (maybe that's how a ton of people felt in regards to The Babadook, which I absolutely loved). The movie is obviously a slow burn that builds up to a heavy gore fest at the end of the film (which like I said, I was okay with). The first half of the movie felt a bit derivative to me but instead of 'corrupting' the innocent little girl like most movies do, our main character is already sort of nuts. The movie slow dishes out her insanity as the movie grows and eventually she turns full psycho in hopes of achieving stardom, but there is a price she must pay first. This is where the polarizing ending comes into play, and I felt it gave the movie a necessary shot in the arm, the ending needed a kick and it sure got one! But anytime she wasn't at some type of devilish audition, I felt the movie was in limbo, mostly because everyone around her didn't seem at all important or remotely interesting.

Starry Eyes starts out like most people would think, a girl goes through a few bizarre and strange auditions before going completely crazy at the end of the movie in hopes of achieving fame. It's not terribly original, but there is a decent amount of style thrown in the movie that it makes it worthwhile (especially the final 5 minutes). I may be judging Starry Eyes a bit too harsh, but I expected something more here.

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