It Follows (2015)

  • The premise gets an A+ for originality, it's both absolutely brilliant and terrifying!
  • The original score by Disasterpeace is the best horror score of the decade, no question about it!
  • The concept alone creates a completely helpless situation, it doesn't stop, it doesn't tire, and it's always coming for you
  • "It could be someone you know or a stranger in a crowd. Whatever helps it get closer to you"
  • A lot of nice callbacks to classic horror films, specifically John Carpenter's Halloween
  • The director wanted the movie to feel 'timeless', there are multiple contradicting gadgets to make the time period a mystery
  • I love how the movie forces the viewer to constantly scan the screen for 'the monster' (you never know where it could be)
  • The brilliance of the movie is that the 'it' can appear at any moment, even during some of the slower scenes you never know what could happen
  • And with this type of premise there is so much wiggle room to take the story that the movie is completely unpredictable
  • Sex is seen as both a curse (you literally get the curse by having sex), but sex also is the solution that can save you (bittersweet)
  • Interesting ideas about how the males handle the curse and how differently the females handle the curse
  • The cinematography is fantastic, the wide angle lens creates a ton of background which gives us plenty of areas to search for the monster in the frame
  • Did I mention that the original score is amazing?
  • One of the best horror movies of the 21st century!

  • The climax is the weak point of the film, unfortunately, felt a bit out of place and the mythology seems out of whack (though Mitchell said that was the point of the finale)
  • Jay is a little too relaxed most of the time for the type of situation she is in
  • Why was the first girl wearing heels while running from the monster? Wouldn't you pop those off to run faster?
  • I really enjoyed how there were 'rules' of sort, but there were a few I just didn't enjoy (but they were there to give the supporting characters a purpose I suppose)

Score: 9/10

I just want to get this out of the way, I've been patiently waiting for It Follows since Cannes 2014 and have never been more excited for a single movie in my entire life! My expectations were through the roof, I, of course, had read the praise from critics all over the world saying It Follows is one of the best horror movies of the decade. Which of course is very high praise (the same was said about last year's The Babadook, which I found to be true, it was also one of my favorite movies of the year), but does this year's It Follows live up to the title of being labeled one of the best horror movies of the millennium? Yes, no question about it! It Follows is the embodiment of tension and anxiety that we so rarely see in movies these days. Mitchell has created a perfect atmosphere full of dread, but more importantly he is able to create a nightmare with a dreamlike quality. The camera work is what helps make this idea flourish, wide angled shots mixed with slow panning shots revealing the monster lurking in the background. It Follows gets points for being terrifyingly original and creating a new nightmare where at all times you are never truly safe.

And, of course, enough cannot be said about the general idea of sex and what it stands for. In the movie, sex is used as the tool to pass to curse from one person to another. Obviously symbolizing that sex can kill (literally), but at the same time having sex is also seen as liberating (you free yourself by passing it to another person). This is what makes It Follows so interesting, interrupting what the monster itself represents and witnessing how different people handle said curse. The females in the film handle the situation completely different from their male counterparts. The males try to pass the curse off as fast as possible and with little remorse, whereas the females seem to feel more guilty about passing it along and struggle with their new found nightmare. Without rambling on about the subtextual layer of the movie, just know that the movie is just as creepy as it sounds.

The high point of It Follows has to be the original score by Disasterpeace, it's one of the best horror soundtracks of all time (and now a personal favorite)! The music is what makes this movie tick, it plays over the vast majority of the film and it is played at a high volume to help squeeze every ounce of tension possible from each scene. With a killer soundtrack, fantastic cinematography, and a terrifying premise, It Follows is easily worthy of being labeled a future horror classic!