The Lazarus Effect (2015)

  • Short run time, thank God for the short run time!
  • Mainstream horror movies tend to have a larger budget, which was needed here
  • It's basically a cross between Event Horizon + Lucy + Carrie
  • There is a clever gimmick at the end of the movie
  • If you enjoy some thick dialogue about how the brain works before and after death, you might find something to like here

  • All around just a boring movie, no surprises or shocking twists, everything plays out just the way you would expect
  • Multiple eye-rolling moments (most notably a scene involving Clay and his E-Cigarette)
  • A pretty big storyline goes nowhere in the end and receives no conclusion
  • Relies way too much on flickering lights to create scares or tension, the third act is nothing but flickering lights
  • The movie wastes a solid cast, especially Evan Peters and Donald Glover (they could have expanded their quirky friendship)
  • What caused the initial power outage? The dog?
  • So why does the person coming back from the dead have to be evil? 
  • Based on their situation in the movie, the ending was predictable

Score: 3/10

The Lazarus Effect is another example of a major Hollywood produced horror movie that is giving the horror genre a bad name. Everything that happens here is pretty straightforward and, therefore, boring. There were no surprises in the film or twists that take the story in an unexpected direction and gave the film some life. Lazarus is just like I said above, it's a mix of Event Horizon + Lucy + Carrie, interpret that as you wish. The problem just like with Lucy is that the villain gets too powerful and there is basically no chance of survival, a lopsided battle. Whereas with Carrie, we are given a reason for her breakdown and vengeance, in Lazarus we are given absolutely nothing, no motive, no nothing. And, of course, to no surprise the movie features plenty of flashing lights where characters appear and disappear into the darkness. It's cheap gimmicks like this that are used to create scares that ruin movies, versus actually building up tension and a thick atmosphere.

The Lazarus Effect features nothing to brag about, not even it's cast since they are completely underutilized, everything here is dull. But again, this was a Hollywood produced horror film so it's not surprise the movie is being torn apart by critics. Instead, skip this and watch the superior Flatliners, at least they provide some added depth and an eerie atmosphere!

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