The Mist (2007)

  • A bug movie that is genuinely creepy and gross, there is something scary about oversized bugs
  • The true brilliance of the film are not the monsters outside of the store, but the monsters inside the story (aka the people)
  • Finally, there are smart characters who make smart decisions, but, of course, there are others who are not so intelligent
  • The religious commentary is infuriating but brilliant at the same time
  • If you are a fan of The Walking Dead just know there are three actors from the show in the movie (no surprise since the director was in charge of the first season of The Walking Dead)
  • Again, you see how divided people become in the time of crisis, skeptics vs realists, and of course, religion playing a very prominent role
  • This is what most movies should be it's challenging, because of how split the group of survivors become over time
  • I'm really glad they decided to show us one of the 'big' monsters towards the end of the movie
  • A variety of creepy crawling creatures to haunt your dreams
  • And, of course, the ending, one of the most shocking and infamous in movie history, need I say more?
  • One of the few adapted movies that Stephan King actually approves of!

  • The first attack by the 'monsters' was a bit slow and less manic as I would have hoped (but that might have been the point)
  • The religious lady was so over the top, I could barely stand it (easily one of the most frustrating characters in horror movie history)
  • Poor special effects unfortunately

Score: 8/10

A movie with more than one nightmare occurring at the same time, The Mist demonstrates that humans are just as brutal as the monsters that stalk us. I have to admit that this movie was a challenge to watch, not because of copious amounts of gore (which it doesn't have), but because of the religious lady who made their situation so much worse than it already was. She slowly starts unraveling the band of survivors with her constant monologs about God and the rapture, and how blood must be spilled in order for them to survive. Her character was so over the top, that she has to be considered one of the most annoying and difficult characters in movie history. But that may just be the genius behind the movie, focusing on the many people turn to religion in times of crisis no matter how ludicrous it may seem and then pitting them against rational thinking characters. This type of social and religious commentary makes the movie work on multiple levels and helps the movie avoid becoming just another creature feature with a large body count and CGI overkill.

The Mist mainly focuses on the characters trapped in the store and their tale of survival, not from the monsters outside, but the people on the inside tearing them apart internally. But don't get me wrong, there are plenty of crazy monsters lurking in the mist and we get to see plenty of them throughout the movie, and they are terrifying! The abilities or traits that certain creatures possess are terrifying, all sorts of nightmares are out there just waiting for them. This was an interesting movie, entertaining, yes, but also challenging because the movie tries to have smart characters front and center, but they are held back by not so smart characters. And I, of course, need not to discuss the ending, it's already been written down in movie history as one of the most shocking endings ever. The Mist certainly is one of the better horror movies of the 21st century!