What We Do in the Shadows (2015)

  • Will easily go down as the best comedy of 2015
  • Overall a very original premise that proves there are plenty of ideas still left in the vampire genre
  • Also proves there are still some great ideas to be found within the dreadful 'found footage' genre (though, this is technically a mockumentary)
  • The generational gap between the members creates some great comedy around their different lifestyles
  • Their love/affection with Stu the human over the recently new vampire, Nick
  • The first kill scene is hilarious, Viago trying to protect his furniture from the blood
  • "He has some pretty old ideas about things"....."We should get some slaves!"
  • Cleverly messes with the general ideas/tropes about vampires and werewolves, and more than pokes fun at them
  • Trying to go as 'Blade' to the party
  • Multiple scenes where their ability to fly creates some funny scenes (the karate scene being the best)
  • Getting familiar with today's technology (Skype, computers, cameras, etc)
  • The brilliance is that the movie treats the vampires just like normal people, struggling to fit in and cursed with having to do mundane tasks just like the rest of us
  • "Told me it was pure silver. Fortunately, we vampires cannot wear silver"
  • Mostly a movie where a bunch of gags are pieced together to make a movie, luckily most of the scenes work and are totally amazing

  • Petyr is hardly in the film, they really should have expanded his role
  • As with deadpan humor, it can be hit or miss with some people
  • The middle part of the movie moves focus onto Nick, who is easily the weakest/least entertaining character in the movie (but if it weren't for him we wouldn't get to meet Stu)
  • Like I said, if you don't find the general premise of the movie interesting, you probably won't enjoy the movie too much

Score: 9/10

Even though I really dislike the found footage genre (this technically is a mockumentary), What We Do in the Shadows proves there are still a few useful ideas yet to be discovered in the subgenre. The movie has been praised as one of the best comedies of the year by many critics, and it certainly lives up to that title. Shadows is a breath of fresh air in the comedy/horror department. Though I can certainly see some people having a problem with the deadpan humor, a lot of the comedy comes from the cultural differences from the extremely old vampires (some dating back to the Medieval Times) as they struggle to keep up with current times.

 If the premise sounds too silly for you, you might not enjoy it very much since the movie basically draws its humor from humanizing the vampires. But for me, it totally worked and I loved just about everything they did, how they were stuck in the past (decor, clothing style, appliances, etc) and needed a new member to bring them up to speed. But at the same time that new member, unfortunately, is the weak point of Shadows, Nick is by far the least interesting character and/or aspect of the movie. He is the one character who is there to advance the story so he's more or less necessary, which is bittersweet.

But outside of that complaint, Shadows is a blast and one of the year's best so far (I doubt there will be a funnier movie this year). The writers/actors really utilize the flying aspect the vampires possess and create some solid humor with it. They also poke fun at just about every single vampire trope you can think of, not having a shadow, virgins, flying, vampire hunters, and many more. All common ideas that are associated with vampires but spun in clever and original ways! Not to mention the numerous jokes about today's current vampire movies, there are a few but they're pretty funny!

 So if you are someone (like me) who is sick of today's growing trend of vulgar and gross-out comedies, What We Do in the Shadows is just what we've been waiting for!