Ex Machina (2015)

  • Destined to become a classic film within the A.I. subgenre
  • The acting from the three actors is fantastic, especially from Alicia Vikander (Ava)
  • It's a smart movie without having to dive into the whole mechanics of how A.I. works (nice to see the writing not beating us over the head with over the top scientific jargon, unlike some movies, Interstellar)
  • The design of the house is incredible, extremely technologically advanced (not to mention the gorgeous location)
  • One of the coolest AI unit designs I've ever seen, if not the coolest
  • The highlight of the film are the conversations between Nathan & Caleb and Ava & Caleb (each person is examining each other for unknown reasons)
  • The similarities between the titan Prometheus and Nathan
  • A foreboding feeling that Nathan is hiding something sinister from Caleb (something that is carried through the entire film)
  • Does she like him? Is she programmed to like him? Or is she faking liking him?
  • Tackling ideas of sexuality and appearance
  • I like how the movie spins its 'antagonist', it really is up to the viewer to decide if he is a bad person or not

  • I agree with what most people are saying, the movie could have ended 2-3 minutes sooner than it did
  • Though the ideas are spun in a unique and interesting way, the ideas behind AI have been done before
  • I feel like there were not nearly enough questions initially asked by Caleb (especially, what's up with that giant crack on the glass?)
  • Still not sure how I feel about the whole 'dance scene' (while funny, it seemed out of place)

Score: 8/10

Ex Machina is easily one of the greatest movies to ever tackle the ideas of artificial intelligence. Everything about the movie is put together in an elegant and intelligent manner, the movie tackles its ideas in a mature way. There are no elaborate human vs machine fight scenes or military overlord presence, instead Machina focuses on the ethical questions that come from 'creating life'. And though the premise might sound unoriginal or derivative, it's when they mix in the idea of sexuality that the movie becomes something different.

From the moment, we arrive at Caleb's estate something seems very off-putting, he clearly is hiding something. And for the entire movie, as we explore his compound things slowly get more off-putting and stirring before boiling over during a wonderful climax. The deception between the two human characters is what makes the movie exciting, both men seem to be playing one another for unknown reasons. And as Nathan begins to understand more and more of what really is taking place in the house the tension rises and secrets unfold. Characters motives and beliefs are slowly unraveled and some seem more logical than others, but that's why the movie works, every character has sound reasons for their actions. The movie makes strong arguments for both sides of the A.I. equation.

However, the movie might be too slow for most audience members, as I said this is a movie where ideas shine not action sequences. Not only do ideas shine, but the acting out of the three leads is incredible to say the least! But it's this move (moving away from action and letting ideas flourish) that makes Ex Machina shine and worthy of being labeled a future sci-fi classic!