Videodrome (1983)

  • One of the weirdest movies ever created, capitalizing on body horror to drive it's 'weirdness'
  • I loved the general idea of people becoming obsessed with their television
  • The violence and sex aspect of Videodrome makes more sense than ever, considering how far TV has pushed those boundaries
  • Totally capitalizes on those crazy 1980's practical effects (which I totally love)
  • Feeding the homeless.....with television
  • "Television is reality, and reality is less than television" - something about this quote rings true
  • Videodrome was without question ahead of its time, it certainly makes more sense today than it did in 1983 now that the ideas have come to fruition
  • I loved the overall concept of people living their lives through the screen of a TV
  • Some people were upset that the main character was a jerk, but I'm glad they should how even his type of character was no match for Videodrome
  • "Long live the new flesh'
  • A movie that makes you wonder and certainly one you won't forget anytime soon
  • Who wins at the end of the movie?
  • Videodrome is a stand out sci-fi film from the 80s worthy of labeled a cult classic, not only for it's visuals but also it's ingenious ideas

  • The backstory of Videodrome felt too familiar once revealed, I would have liked for it to remain a mystery
  • Overall second half of the movie was weaker than the build up of the first half
  • At times, some of the imagery can be a bit much, but that's Cronenberg for you
  • Certainly not a film for everyone

Score: 8/10

What can be said that hasn't already been said about Videodrome, it's flat out weird! From the bizarre body horror imagery that Cronenberg is known for, to the ingenious messages he tries to establish. Though the visuals are spectacular (in a cheesy way), the brilliance of the film are the ideas/themes that Cronenberg wanted to get across that seem to make more sense nowadays than they probably did in the early 80s. Those ideas being of course people living their lives through the front of a screen and having the programming become our reality. How could you even argue this idea now that we have cellphones, tablets, laptops, etc? This overall idea to me is genius, especially now that those ideas have had time to develop. Specifically the idea that TV has now become more racy and violent than ever before, it's just as the movie predicted. People becoming obsessed with the most violent content they can find and becoming infatuated with it (I'm looking at you, The Walking Dead). Cronenberg had the right ideas and the only thing left was to display them in the right fashion, and his notorious body horror genre was the right way to go. The imagery here really cements the ideas and shows just how contorted and scary the ideas within the movie can be.

However one of the few things I didn't like about Videodrome is the origin of Videodrome itself, it felt too similar to too many other ideas out there about it being a conspiracy. The vessel (TV) may be different, but the person driving the ship for that particular reason is the same (weird analogy I know). Had the movie kept the origin of the actual broadcast a secret or chose a different path, I think the movie would have been a bit more interesting or thought provoking (as if it already isn't). But outside of that, the overall message of Videodrome is pretty damn great, though it does get more head scratching as the movie progresses. But it's hard to argue with the bigger philosophies of Videodrome, they're thought-provoking, intriguing, and displayed in a surreal manner that it makes the ideas hit home so much harder. Videodrome is a classic for a reason!