Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

  • Action and spectacle don't get much better than this group of superheroes battling an army of evil robots
  • A TON more scenes featuring the Hulk (my personal favorite Avenger)
  • Most of the banter between the group of heroes is hilarious & the running gag of lifting Thor's hammer was great
  • Code Green
  • Each character's abilities are fully expanded (from Thor to Scarlet Witch)
  • I enjoyed the 'slightly' darker tone and a glimpse of vulnerability
  • One of the MCU's best movies to date
  • It gives Hawkeye and Black Widow a purpose, but.....

  • At the same time, Black Widow and Hawkeye are still just humans in an intergalactic war (still not nearly as interesting as their cosmic counterparts)
  • No real Thanos cameo......still waiting for him
  • Still not a fan of Scarlet Witch being able to manipulate the Hulk's mind (wasn't like that in the comics)
  • It completely ignores the events of Iron Man 3
  • Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch's accents are painful, to say the least
  • Thor's storyline is quite dense and confusing, I was completely lost (which is unfortunate because it helps build up to future films)
  • I was actually pretty let down by Ultron, he made far too many jokes to the point where it made his persona far less frightening and intense (not to mention how weak he actually was)
  • Ultron's minions were incredibly weak (I think Hawkeye's children could have taken them on)
  • Now a classic MCU characteristic, weak villains

Score: 8/10

In short, the long-awaited Avengers: Age of Ultron delivered us more or less the what we've come to expect from the MCU. Fantastic action pieces along with witty banter, to only be brought down by familiar villain characteristics. But that's not to say the movie was bad by any stretch, it was one hell of an entertaining ride and one of Marvel's best films to date. Everything from the first film was carried over and to new heights; action sequences, villain screen time, character banter, and expanded knowledge of the universe are all given more screen time. I can't see a sound reason die hard fans of the MCU would be disappointed here.

The only major problem with Age of Ultron is, of course, its villain Ultron. His powers, to no surprise, have been dulled down significantly and he is now a jokester of sorts. He wasn't nearly as menacing as the trailers made him out to be. At any given moment, he throws out a one liner for no real reason, so many in fact that it becomes near tiresome. But the core of the problem has to be Ultron's plans are nothing we haven't seen before. Another villain trying to end humanity as we know it and the Avengers are nipping at his heels the whole movie. They were actually too close to his heels the whole movie, in fact, they were prevailing for too much of the movie.

The only person to actually 'hurt' the Avengers was Scarlet Witch, and she switches sides, which leaves Ultron all alone. And by all alone I mean Vibranium Ultron and hundreds of easily disposable mini Ultrons. Only to be brought down in a predictable fashion and surprisingly easy fashion. It seems like the Marvel executives are saving the real destruction for future movies and Thanos, which makes these movies seem almost like placeholders.

But on a high note, Age of Ultron is far more action-packed than its predecessor. Not only are the action scenes better than the first film, but we actually get to see the numerous powers from all of the superheroes. Scarlet Witch's telekinesis, The Vision's density manipulation, Thor's lightning possession, and, of course, a ton of smashing from the Hulk. It's hard to argue the movie isn't entertaining as hell! Is this the comic book movie to end all comic book movies? Not even close but it's still pretty damn awesome!