Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

  • Flat out one of the best action movies of the decade!
  • Miller creates a one of a kind post-apocalyptic world where the bizarre rule the land
  • I loved how Miller gave the women in the film a prominent and dominant role in the movie, really was great to see him put thought into that
  • Wave after wave of new, unusual methods used by the War Boys to recapture their 'property'
  • Feels exactly like the mad max series before it
  • An outlandish villain worthy of the Mad Max realm (actually played by the same actor who played the villain in the first film)
  • A great soundtrack (was it me or did it sound like Shutter Island at times?)
  • The saturated blues during the night scenes looked fantastic
  • Production design and costume design shine (wouldn't be surprised if they earn an Oscar nomination)
  • Vehicle design is a high point for the series, it's no different here, the vehicles are as bizarre as they come
  • I found the editing to be very interesting, specifically the fading to black and picking up the story hours later
  • Certainly a movie you can watch multiple times and still love every second of it

  • Another roll where it is surprisingly difficult to hear what Tom Hardy is saying (a la The Dark Knight Rises and Child 44)
  • So could no one shoot out the tires on the oil rig or?
  • There were a few moments during some action sequences that become a bit mundane and a break is needed

Score: 9/10

Mad Max: Fury Road is one hell of a ride, George Miller has created a landmark in the action movie genre! Thankfully, Miller chose not to reboot the franchise starting with a dreadful origin story, instead he chose to follow along the path of 1981's The Road Warrior. The movie picks up after the death of his family where he struggles to survive on his own while he is continuously tormented by their deaths. We know just enough about Max to make the character work, but enough is left hidden to make him a cryptic warrior.

The brilliance of the movie is, of course, the action sequences which were mostly done via actually stuntmen. Something about knowing/seeing real people attempting all these crazy scenes/stunts makes the movie much more exciting and authentic. Fury Road is so fast paced and loaded with action galore, you never know what Miller has up his sleeve and what he is going to throw at us next. Though there was a moment or two where the movie seemed to be in action overload and a change of pace was needed. But what really drove the movie home was how he placed all this great action in an obscure, bizarre world where tyrants reign supreme. It's interesting to see the same things that we value today carry over into the post-apocalyptic world, food, water, and, of course, fuel. The world may be a wasteland, but some things never changed, the disparity between people will forever remain.

It was also great to see Max taking the backseat and letting Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and the wives lead the movie. They, along with the clan of women, kick just as much if not more ass as Max and the War Boys. Fury Road is being praised for its thoughtful representation of females in the movie, which is absolutely true. Telling this tale with women is partially what makes the movie work so damn well. At the same time, Max is represented as the nomad who is caught in a war of two different parties and is doing nothing more than surviving. The core of the movie may be about Furiosa and her reaching for freedom but at the same time this is just another chronicle of the rogue warrior, Max.

Mad Max: Fury Road will EASILY go down as the best action movie of 2015, if not one of the best of the past 25 years! It's safe to say that Mad Max is here to stay, especially since Tom Hardy is signed on for THREE more films! Style and action haven't mixed this well in years!


  1. Solid review and I think we both loved the same things.

    It's a film that I've been DYING to see AGAIN over the last couple days.

    1. I loved how max was just drifting through and the women were the stars. I honestly think I need to watch it again for thrills and pure entertainment, honestly, I probably should give it a 9/10.

  2. george miller not fank miller lol


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