Resolution (2012)

  • Original and surprisingly moving (a buddy movie at its core)
  • A fantastic horror movie that has zero gore and zero jumps scares but relies on trepidation to create its eerie mood
  • The humor is so unexpected that it's refreshing and hilarious 
  • Once the movie starts getting heavily 'meta' (about 20 minutes from the end), is when things start to get very weird
  • "Beginning. Middle. End"
  • An overall sense of uneasiness coming their way
  • There is something very 'human' about the movie, their friendship is very real and authentic
  • Not to mention the acting between the two leads is fantastic
  • Shows the power of 'more is less' (both with its story and its budget)
  • "Can we try it another way?"
  • I actually really enjoyed the ending (some may find it a bit polarizing)
  • Honestly, this is more of a character-driven drama than anything else, with a little mystery thrown in (but it's fantastic none the less)
  • The movie is 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes!

  • A few moments in the movie where it slows down just a bit (mostly the slow beginning of the 'meta' storyline)
  • Wouldn't Mike be worried that some of the people might come back when he goes for one of his walks?
  • What was the point of the con man?
  • People looking for a traditional horror movie should be forewarned, this is a different kind of horror movie
  • Oddly enough, the movie has been compared to The Cabin in the Woods and has been knocked down a few pegs for that, and I'm sure why? (Both pretty meta, but that's about it...)

Score: 8/10

Labeled by many as a horror movie, Resolution might be the least 'horror-esque' horror movie I have seen in a very long time, I think labeling the movie as a mystery/drama would better suit the film. But whatever genre you want to label it under one thing is for sure, it's meta. At first the movie seems like a slow drama about two friends rekindling their friendship, but then the movie slowly starts transitioning into a surreal nightmare where nothing is what it seems.

Resolution works because the two characters in the movie are extremely likable (not the mention the acting between the two being fantastic). This is the main storyline, one friend helping another get past his drug addiction with nothing but brute force. But at the same time Resolution slowly rolls out another more 'meta' storyline that slowly builds alongside the main narrative. As the movie progresses, the horror-esque story line gets larger & larger and much creepier, to the point where it takes over as the main story. Once this happens, the movie moves into the horror genre and things start to get very weird very fast.

It's this process of building two stories together that makes Resolution so original and engrossing. We start out with the story that sucks the viewer in with its warm-hearted intentions and then starts to throw us curveballs with its more cryptic storyline which allows the tension to rise and paranoia set in. Everything in Resolution works, the comedy hits, the friendship is authentic, it's unpredictable in the best possible way and the movie leaves you with a lasting thought.

If you're someone who enjoys a good mystery with a dash of horror, Resolution is something you should seek out!