The Cobblestone Corridor (2015)

  • Successfully mixes today's trends with film noir aesthetics of the 40s and 50s
  • "Taking down the all female Fight Club"
  • The short makes great use of its soundtrack, very appropriate for its neo-noir atmosphere
  • The movie hits almost every aspect of Roger Ebert's "10 Essential Characteristics of Noir Films" (which can be found here)
  • Comedy that you would only find in this type of young adult setting
  • Nicholas Tucci! (From the fantastic horror movie, You're Next)
  • The debate about the future of newspaper is surprisingly interesting though quite brief, Archer's rebuttal makes some great points
  • It wouldn't be a noir film if it didn't feature some sort of chase scene
  • Classic, dated dialogue that you would find in most noir films
  • The movie never oversteps its boundaries to the point of becoming over the top, its a prep-school mystery filled with young adults and it sticks to it

  • Due to its limited run-time, the movie is forced to rush some of the clues within the film (which are typically the most interesting aspect of a mystery film)
  • The audience is kept in the dark at times, especially in regards to the final twist (but then again it wouldn't be a twist if we saw it coming)

Score: 8/10

The Cobblestone Corridor is a short and sweet film that successfully mixes film noir with a present day setting. Characters who heavily smoke, chase scenes, narration, deception, all heavy characteristics of film noir are ever present here. And, to some surprise, all these set pieces are thrown into a prep-school setting which is where the comedy arises from. Similar to 2005's Brick, both films successfully pull off this approach of mixing film noir with abnormal characters in an unconventional setting.

The only downside to Cobblestone is the revelation of the mystery itself. Archer is given all the clues he needs to solve the case, but the audience is not so fortunate. The best thing about mystery movies is that the audience can follow along trying to solve the mystery alongside the hero in the movie. Here, however, the pieces given to the audience are not as obvious as they are to the title character. Which, unfortunately, leaves a slightly dissatisfying feeling when the mystery comes to a close.

Aside from that quibble, The Cobblestone Corridor is an intriguing mystery (with welcomed humor) that moves quickly just like its lead character, Allan Archer. Erik C. Bloomquist, who wrote, directed, and starred in the film shows he has done his homework on the film noir genre!

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