Inside Out (2015)

  • This is Pixar's return to form, it's a magical, emotional roller coaster
  • It's also one of the most intuitive and ingenious movies in years, if not of all time (which is something Pixar shines at)
  • The five chosen emotions were whittled down from 22 emotions, I think they chose the five best
  • Anger and Fear are without question the best/funniest emotions
  • Fear being in charge of dream duty was the highlight of the film
  • The scenes during the credits are great
  • Fantastic CGI and character designs of the emotions
  • The subtle differences between the emotions in a child's mind and an adult's mind
  • Deleting long term memories
  • For once, a movie that doesn't give away everything the movie has to offer in its trailer
  • Humor for people of all ages (another aspect Pixar has turned into perfection)

  • I wish they would have shown more emotions from inside the parent's heads
  • At times, the journey following Joy and Sadness seems a tad repetitive
  • Still not sure how I feel about the abstract world?!

Score: 8/10

Fans can rejoice, Inside Out is the return to former glory for Pixar. This time, Pixar makes up the long absence with an ingenious idea about how the interworkings of a child's mind comes to be. The humor is great (though quite a bit is geared more towards children) and the emotional notes, of course, drive the movie. Pixar not only tells us what is important to an eleven-year-old, but they also show us why it is important.

The movie really explores the odd mood swings of young adult and how all emotions are more or less unbalanced. A child is unpredictable and irrational and all of that is shown here in spades, Joy tries to remain in control, but all the other emotions fight for the spotlight. And that is part of the brilliance of Inside Out, we see how zany a child's mind can be when compared to the rational mind of an adult (who shares the controls with other emotions equally). Not only are we shown the importance of emotions, but we see the interworkings of a child's mind, from the importance of friends and family, to an imaginary friend. Pixar leaves no stone unturned, everything you could imagine about the brain/mind is explored in great detail. And that is what makes the movie so magical, we have never seen something like this before. Imagination Land, long term vs short term memory, dream productions, subconscious, and so much more shine bright here. It's a marvel to see the entire 'world' within the mind played out in front of us.

Inside Out will easily win the Best Animated Film Oscar this year (if not receive an Oscar nomination for Best Picture) and go down as the return of Pixar being the King of animation. It has everything we have come to love about Pixar films, it's funny for both kids and adults and hits an emotional cord for people of all ages. Though, this isn't the best Pixar film to date (not even in my top five), but it is certainly their most clever and imaginative yet!


  1. I loved the abstract thought portion!! :-)

    Great review though!

    1. Haha I think it's because I didn't understand it?! The four stages or something? I need to read up on it lol. Thank you!

  2. I'm not a Pixar fan, I think I will give Inside Out a watch in the theater since everyone is loving it.


    1. Not a Pixar fan?! Is that possible lol? Why not?

    2. The Incredibles and the Toy Story trilogy are great, but I always find that the Pixar movies are subpar compared to Studio Ghibli.


    3. That's a bold statement lol. I haven't seen nearly enough Studio Ghibli movies to really talk about them (only Grave of the Fireflies and Spirited Away).

  3. We are in agreement on this one Matthew! It really is a great film for all ages. I also agree that there needed to be more of the parents, because that was one of the funniest parts. Pixar is definitely back! Glad they made a really good movie for the first time in years.


    1. Yeah more parents would have been great, so many scenarios where they could have zoomed in on their minds and created laughs from everyday parenting! Hopefully they can maintain this type of quality now that they are planning on releasing movies every 6-8 months (still wish they weren't making so many sequels to their movies). Thanks James!


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