Jurassic World (2015)

  • There is something intriguing about watching dinosaurs since they are extinct
  • A vast variety of new dinosaurs to see on the big screen
  • A ton of scenes involving the raptors (obviously the best dinosaurs)
  • Bonus points to the bro who grabbed his margaritas before taking cover from the pterodactyls (...just found out that was a cameo by Jimmy Buffett)
  • Jake Johnson had a great supporting role in the movie, some good laughs
  • The abilities of the Indominus Rex were pretty damn cool to say the least
  • Certainly better than the two previous sequels in the franchise
  • Overall, an entertaining and unique ride featuring some of the coolest creatures ever to walk the earth
  • Holds the record for the highest grossing weekend of all time!

  • Hardly any animatronics used, this is what made the original film so incredible, but at the same time the CGI was great
  • The two lead boys are completely unlikable and over the top with their acting
  • I predicted the ending of the film ever since I saw the first trailer...aka the movie is very predictable
  • I HATE when movies move towards the government or military being the bad guys, it's so overdone and complete lame
  • The old Jurassic Park is still there but in ruins and the kids manage to get one of the old jeeps running....really?

Score: 7/10

Jurassic World is that classic summer blockbuster that we have come to love, high-concept fiction filled with spectacular special effects. It's one of those movies that you can't really hate, but you don't necessarily love. The graphics are great and the idea terrifying, so what more could you ask for from a movie about dinosaurs? There is plenty of action to go around and keep you involved and a variety of new dinosaur attractions to make the movie seem fresh. But that is not to say the movie didn't have problems, the story as a whole was average at best. But who goes into a movie about dinosaurs expecting a strong character driven thriller? There is not much to say here, this is a popcorn movie pure and simple and it exceeds as such.

But the main reason holding the movie back from being considered great is that the trailers show just about everything the movie has to offer. From the trailers alone we see the Indominus Rex close up, tame raptors, the gyro-spheres, the mosasaurus (the giant alligator dinosaur), the pteranodon attacking from the sky, and the creators confirming if the tyrannosaurus rex would be in the film or not. The movie left hardly any surprises in the actual movie to make it something special. Not to mention the overall story being extremely predictable, from the downfall of the Indominus Rex, to Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard character's relationship with one another. Jurassic World is about as straightforward as you could expect.

While Jurassic World isn't the best action movie of the year, it's still quite incredible and breathtaking because of the science both behind the camera (CGI) and in-front of the camera (the park design and the Indominus Rex). It's a fun movie that certainly has its faults, mostly thanks to the marketing team, but there is still something satisfying about watching dinosaurs destroy everything in their path.


  1. Think you and I agreed on this one pretty much exactly. Sucky child actors, stupid military plot, and handful of other issues, but still a fun film (though nowhere near my favorite film of the year).

    Good review Matt!

    1. Totally agree, I especially can't stand movies that fall in line with the whole 'military weaponizing' or something like that, so generic I hate it! Oh they they have a mini army of bad guys on hand, oh they're taking over the control center, oh but there is still one good IT guy in there to help, oh the mini army of bad guys die. Drives me crazy lol. But like you said it was definitely fun, especially when there are near zero dinosaur movies being put out these days.! Thanks Jordan

  2. i didnt like the end climatic fight between the 3 dinosaurs, alot of obstacles was getting in the way of seeing what was actually going on, but it was great they didnt kill the trex, my heart sank for moment when i thought it was going to get killed by the irex!

    1. Yeah, I thought the same thing when the T-Rex went down and the I-Rex was standing on it. It was a great final image when it walked out and roared on the building at the end (though I didn't like how they tweaked its roar)!

  3. The lack of animatronics bothered me too. That's what made the original JP film so exciting because the dinos liked real! The giant gaps in logic, like getting the car started with ancient gas, is ridiculous. Granted, a lot of movies do the same thing. But it was a fun film and that's all I wanted. Great review Matthew!



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