Spy (2015)

  • The highlight of the movie is the supporting cast surrounding Melissa McCarthy, who completely nail their respective roles
  • Jason Statham is the best of the bunch as the overly macho, rogue agent who can't do anything right
  • Admittedly, this is Melissa McCarthy's best film to date (as the title character)
  • The Face-Off machine
  • The type of story (spy thriller) makes for some solid humor (we've been getting quite a bit of spy spoofs lately)
  • Cooper's field training video is gold
  • Her 'spy equipment' intentionally made to look like items in a middle-aged woman's purse
  • Though the number of jokes that miss are greater than the ones that hit, there still are quite a bit that hit

  • I just am not a fan of McCarthy's type of humor, she seems to be typecast and delivers just nonstop banter
  • The second half of the film goes crazy with explicit language (why are so many of today's comedies like this?)
  • McCarthy's likable character completely transforms in the second half of the movie and not for the better of it
  • For every joke that lands, there are at least two that don't
  • 120 minutes is quite long for a comedy and it shows here (mostly since the story is quite straightforward)

Score: 7/10

I have to admit before I begin that I am just not a fan of Melissa McCarthy. Her type of humor, constant banter or whatever you want to call it, has never really appealed to me. It seems like her jokes are forced in your face and are nothing but one-liners. But luckily, this was a role that fit her better than her past roles (though, not better than her breakout role in Bridesmaids).

That being said, Spy was a nice change of pace, in the sense that McCarthy had a sound out supporting cast around her to help carry the weight of the movie (even if the story carries very little originality). They helped balance out the equation, as well as help create some solid banter between McCarthy and themselves. Jason Statham and Peter Serafinowicz were the best of the bunch, their characters were basically just walking cliches and they were hilarious! Statham's over the top, macho agent persona who delivers nothing but the most ludicrous stories was amazing. And Serafinowicz's ultra-aggressive sexual advances were nothing short of hilarious. And the best bits from Melissa come early  in the first half of the movie when her character is still getting used to being a field agent. It isn't until the halfway point that the movie slowly starts to decline, the dialog becomes nothing but crass language, Melissa's characters loses all her charm, and the runtime sets in. 

But as a whole, Spy did a good job at poking fun at traditional spy thrillers, as well as dropping some completely ridiculous, original gags (the bat/rodent infestation in the basement of the CIA). It is safe to say that if you are a fan of Melissa McCarthy then you will undoubtedly love Spy! Comedy is very subjective and like I said, Melissa just doesn't do it for me most of the time. Fortunately, this was one of her better roles and this type of story suited her quite well.