Creep (2015)

  • A genuinely interesting ending (wish I could say the same about the first 2/3 of the movie)
  • It isn't until the final 1/3 of the film that it actually gets tense
  • A few moments that are genuinely creepy
  • The movie is very grounded, something mildly unsettling about this being plausible
  • I guess you have to give credit for the overall idea of making use decent use of the found footage genre
  • It's only 80 minutes long
  • A few usual tricks within the found footage genre

  • Found footage is still one of the worst things to happen to cinema 
  • Of course, there are moments where it makes no sense why the person is carrying the camera in that type of situation
  • In your face 'creepiness' coming from Josef seems extremely forced at times
  • Could that phone call been a bit more informative or something?
  • It has gotten some attention for being a comedy....I didn't see a single shred of humor in the movie
  • The first 2/3 of the movie just felt too forced

Score: 5/10

It felt like the makers of Creep were worried that people wouldn't find Josef creepy enough unless they forced a ton of creepy jabs down our throats. Instead, they chose the subtly of a bat to the face to get the point across that Josef is someone that is not right in the head. We can obviously tell very early on that something is off with Josef and we must then wait till the final act of the movie to see how it plays out. When instead they should have made it slightly less obvious and made the viewer question what truly is going on with Josef. That's not to say it was a complete failure, it wasn't, Josef is flat out manipulating and clearly hiding something sinister, and most of the time it works. And it really isn't until the final 1/3 of the movie that things start the get actually tense and unnerving. But the lead up to the bizarre ending was a bit tedious for me.

I imagine the movie will be a minor hit with horror fans because of the plausibility of the premise, which is in fact quite scary. It's so simplistic that it could totally work, even if Josef seemed a bit out there. And that's probably why so many people will find Creep entertaining. And if you manage to sit through the first and second chapters of the movie, you will be rewarded with a pretty strange ending.