Planet Terror (2007)

  • The 70s Nostalgia, it's just flat out awesome and takes the movie from being tradition zombie fare to something much greater
  • Large ensemble does a great job all around
  • The hospital scenes are glorious, completely disgusting, yet hilarious at the same time
  • Zombie effects look fantastic (completely over the top of course)
  • Quentin Tarantino cameo!
  • Welcomed twists to the ever growing zombie genre (which is completely overdone)
  • Anthology type storytelling, multiple characters have great stories which come together at the end of the film
  • The kid in the car.....with the gun.... (favorite scene in the movie)
  • Hidden agendas galore, everyone here as some sort of secret past
  • "I'm going to eat your brains and gain your knowledge"
  • The dark comedy tone makes fun of classic zombie movie tropes and over the top action pieces
  • Missing reels, choppy editing, scratched film
  • Just a hugely entertaining, non-serious, extremely well done, over the top B-movie!
  • Overall, this is one of those 'fun horror movies' that you would watch yearly around Halloween
  • Destined to become a horror cult classic

  • The backstory of the military is kept in the dark
  • Some characters are less interesting than others and receive an unfortunate amount of time
  • Ending slightly fizzles

Score: 8/10

Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror is by far the better of the two films (Death Proof being the other) that come together to create Grindhouse. This is one of the more darkly comedic and stylized, zombie survival movies out there, clearly a homage to all those old B-movies from back in the day. From the 'missing reel' gags to the choppy editing, the movie is flat out brilliant. Rodriguez did his homework on the genre and created a fantastic genre piece that is destined to find a solid cult following.

Each character here gets their own story, some being more serious and others being quite humorous, but they all come together to create a bizarre story. Everyone in the movie seems to have a hidden agenda or some sort of cryptic undertone that carries over throughout the entire movie. That's what makes each story entertaining, you never know what the characters are capable of, especially during a zombie outbreak. But what really made the movie special was the aesthetics used in the movie to give it some visual flair, these days zombie movies are so common that they lack any originality, at least here they took a gamble and in my eyes, it paid off. You couldn't ask for a movie where the people behind the camera are having just as much fun as those in front of the camera. This is a movie you have to experience.

In the end, this movie demands an acquired taste (horror aficionados and zombie lovers), others might not appreciate what the filmmakers were trying to accomplish. Planet Terror, along with Death Proof was a huge gamble on behalf of everyone involved behind the camera, and I'd have to say it was halfway successful.....this movie being the successful half.