The Green Inferno (2015)

  • If you are looking for gore, look no further (Eli Roth certainly knows how to do gore/mutilation)
  • A somewhat original horror movie (cannibalism horror possibly making a comeback?)
  • No real animals were harmed during the making of the movie!
  • The practical effects look pretty damn great
  • Some very interesting if not amusing facts about what went on behind the scenes while the movie was being made
  • There is a social message deep within the movie (but it's very deep down)
  • It's safe to say the movie will have you questioning your next run in with a bunch of jungle natives
  • Eli Roth fans will surely enjoy the mayhem and carnage

  • Whereas the original Cannibal Holocaust had some interesting social commentary, there seems to be very little here (or at least it gets lost in the violence)
  • If you are looking for a movie with a sound story and message to get across, this might not be for you (It's safe to say the 'violence' is the focal point of the movie)
  • Probably couldn't have hurt to add a few more likable characters for the audience to root for or feel bad for when they are graphically mutilated
  • That mid-credits scene?
  • Some disappointing camera work

Score: 5/10

If Eli Roth is known for one thing, it's that he is known for high levels of violence in his films and pushing the envelope. And The Green Inferno is no exception, it's easily the most graphic movie of the year to receive a theatrical release. The movie features some extremely cringe-worthy scenes where the villages show no mercy to the young students. Of course, this is the focal point of the movie, the gore/torture of these somewhat arrogant, twenty somethings. Yes, there is some social commentary in the movie, mostly poking fun at today's society and how everyone wants to 'appear' to be fighting for a cause when in fact, they are doing very little. And yes, he has a point here, but it isn't as thought provoking as he wants it to be, especially once the carnage starts and those ideas fly out the window.

There is not much to say about this movie other than the obvious, it's extremely violent, nothing more nothing less. The Green Inferno is obviously a homage to those 80s cannibalistic horror movies. Which means the body count is high and the foreigners are going to be punished by the natives in some of the most cruel ways since the SAW series. But I can't help but feel a bit letdown after years of build up with the movie being stuck in release hell.

While The Green Inferno isn't on par with other strong horror contenders for best horror movie of 2015, it is easily the nastiest, most violent movie of the year. Thus, if the torture-porn genre is your cup of tea, then look no further, you've found your next fix!