Ghost Tour (2015)

  • Great productions values, lighting and camerawork are all on point
  • Beautiful Victorian house
  • Director cameo!
  • "Time doesn't stand still....unless you are a ghost"
  • A very appropriate and eerie score to go with the ghost story
  • A showcase of technical ability, both with the camera and the aspects behind the camera

  • The problem with most short films is they are just too darn short and must rush through its story
  • Foreseeable ending

Score: 7/10

This is the second film From Erik Bloomquist that I have seen and while I preferred his neo-noir The Cobblestone Corridor (Review Here), I still found this ghost story quite enjoyable. This movie (thankfully) doesn't follow suit like today's trend of horror movies with over the top gore and wicked splatter effects, instead this movie earns its chilliness through its story. This is the classic tale of 'the past coming back to haunt you'. For what this movie was going for, being a short and sweet haunted house story, the movie succeeds. Not only does it succeed because of its story but the editing and camera work are phenomenal, something you don't typically see in a short film. Together those aspects really bring some necessary mood to the film.

But as with most short films, they're sadly too short and often times stories feel a tad rushed, it's no different here. The story here may be forced to get through its short script, however, it does wrap up quite nicely with a memorable final shot. Another solid entry in the filmography of Erik Boomquist.

Trailer Below