The Night Before (2015)

  • Seth Rogen is the highlight of the movie, his drug-fueled trip more than makes the movie
  • Mr. Green's cryptic/mysterious persona, this is the best part of the movie outside of Rogen
  • Another solid cameo by Seth Rogen's better half
  • The 'cran-tini' scene
  • The Redbull limo driver trying to be 'one of the guys'
  • Certainly has some moments that are genuinely funny

  • Anyone Hollywood produced comedy that is extremely crude and vulgar
  • The whole Miley Cyrus bit could have been cut out entirely
  • Trailer gives away some solid laughs
  • Not as emotional moving as the movie wants to be (which is the driving force behind the movie)
  • Two out of the three stories pale in comparison to the third (Seth Rogen's story)

Score: 6/10

The Night Before is basically a movie about nostalgia and how times are a changing. People get older and move on from old friends to new, start families, become more independent, etc. This movie is about just that, three friends that are getting to that point in their lives where they are losing touch with one another and going their own ways. And this is their last hurrah before they become too preoccupied with their own lives. It sounds more heartfelt and moving that the actual movie. It is a Seth Rogen movie, which means it is a raunchy, chaotic, and over the top comedy. That's not to say it was awful, but it certainly isn't the best comedy of the year. 

The movie can really be broken down to three stories, two of the stories aren't all that entertaining nor deep enough to get the emotions pumping. The main storyline involves JGL's character which is suppose to be about preserving the Christmas spirit. It's not terrible, but it doesn't really feel as authentic as other movies about characters being die-hard Christmas fans trying to spread that Christmas cheer. But the movie revolves around this story and his thirst for wanting to remain close to his friends even though they are growing apart.

But it's Seth Rogen's characters arc that saves the day. His particular story as a whole isn't all that great, but his drug-fueled odyssey was easily what made the movie rather enjoyable. I could see many people who aren't fans of Rogen not like this movie, but if you are someone like me who enjoys his humor, you'll probably love what he puts on screen. He goes from one drug trip to the next, from shrooms, to MDMA, and it was quite entertaining to say the least.

The Night Before is pretty much exactly what you expect it to be, a sparingly funny movie that has its moments but as a whole is quite forgettable. It's not all that quotable nor memorable, but I could see some people bringing up a scene or two a few years down the road and having a good laugh about them. Outside of Seth Rogen's usual antics, there isn't much to see here.


  1. When will you post a review of Krampus?

    1. I'm gonna try and see it tomorrow or Tuesday, so the review will be up one of those two days!


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